Love Stories

October 12, 2020


“Thank you will never be enough for the deed this foundation bestowed upon us, and what they continue to do for the community. Everyday Mowgli is still meowing and swiping at my feet, I have the donors of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund to thank. They saved his life.”
– Mowgli's Dad


September 17, 2020


“If it wasn’t for every one of you that supports Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, he wouldn’t be here to keep being our cuddle bug and protector. We will be forever thankful and are humbled by your gift to our family.”
– Groot


September 10, 2020


“Thankfully, our vet partners with Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund. They saved my girl, my first baby! My husband, son & the rest of our pack couldn’t be more thankful for the work that ERDF & those that donate to it, do for families just like us. The relief you provided for us has felt like a dream! Everyone of you who gives to this fund is a huge blessing to us!”
– Zara's Mom


September 7, 2020


“We were able to keep our sweet boy—in the midst of my being furloughed and my son’s hours being cut due to COVID-- because people give money to Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund to help keep families like ours together. I can’t begin to express what that has meant to me. I just lost my Dad in March, and my Father-In-Law late last year. Family means everything to me. Thank you so much for preventing tragedy and giving us more years of love.”
– Link's Mom


September 7, 2020


“We were all so terrified we were going to lose him. We’re so thrilled to have him home. We can’t thank you enough. I can’t believe other people care about us enough to help us get Buddy’s treatment. Thanks to you and your supporters, our family is whole, and our hearts are full!”
– Buddy's Dad, Sister & Grandsister


August 30, 2020


“When Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund made his surgery possible, I was beyond grateful. I would’ve lost him. I couldn’t have done it by myself. And now with being furloughed not only am I thankful from a financial standpoint but also because rather than facing this with a grieving heart, I’m getting through it with snuggles from my baby boy.”
– Hemi's Mom


August 20, 2020

Sophie S.

“I’ve often told my family that when I bury Sophie, they’re going to have to bury me with her. I just can’t imagine living without her. Because of ERDF I don’t have to. Sophie was able to get the immediate care she needed and I know we will be able to share many more years of joy and cuddling. Thank you to every one of you that donates to help make that possible.”
– Sophie's Mom


August 1, 2020


“I did not know what to do, but I continued to pray and to save any little bit of extra money I could.  Then our vet contacted Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, the answer to my prayers.  Currently we are in the middle of testing to see what can be done for our girl.   No matter how this all turns out, I could not be more grateful for the BLESSING of just simply having the hope that’s being provided by all of you who support Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund.”
– Bella's Mom


July 23, 2020


“Brody has his whole life ahead of him! The specialist said he could fix him up so that he could move as well as before. But it looked like finances were going to stand in the way of that happening. I cried with joy when I found out that Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund was going to help to make my boy whole again. He means everything to us and we just want to tell you we’ll be forever grateful that you saved him from a life of immobility and pain.”
– Brody's Mom


July 9, 2020


“Eddie is my company, my comfort, and my friend. He is the only family I have left. The best days are “super snuggle Saturdays” when I hold him against my chest while relaxing on the couch and we nap or watch TV.  Without Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, Eddie’s quality of life would’ve been compromised and I might have had to face the isolation of my permanent disability without him.”
– Eddie's Mom


July 9, 2020


“When the ER vet told us that Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund would help, a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders. Our sweet angel wasn’t going to wonder what happened yet again. We get to be there for her just the way we desperately wanted to. My husband is back to sitting on the couch so he doesn’t disturb Zoey who’s all curled up in his recliner. I’m back to having my lap completely covered and my face thoroughly “washed”. My sons are back to having 45 pounds of wagging flesh to romp with. Thanks to you our family is still whole.”
– Lindsey, Zoey's Mom


June 24, 2020


“My girl is back thanks to Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund.  She is back to being the social butterfly that goes to greet everyone.  (You know, she would lick a burglar to death if one broke in J).  She is back to howling with the tornado sirens and asking me to scratch her floppy ears. If you’re a supporter of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, thank you for returning Lola’s quality of life and for keeping us able to be the playful, cuddly dog family that every day brings us all joy.”
– Lola's Dad


May 19, 2020


“We were at an end in being able to get care for my baby and then you came out of nowhere, giving us back our kitty’s life.  When they brought him to me after four days of being apart, he gingerly crawled up on my shoulder and tucked his head under my chin.  When he does that now at home, with his baby clothes on to protect his incision, and that silly cone around his neck, I still cry realizing how grateful I am to have all my family together as we weather all the changes in our lives. ”
– Teioh's Mom


May 8, 2020


“I’ll go to heaven forever being thankful to the people that give you money so that folks like me don’t end up being alone.”
– Buffy's Mom


February 28, 2020


“We were terrified when Baron was struggling to breathe. We rushed to get him help but we also knew we are facing huge medical bills for my husband and we were worried we couldn’t afford to save our baby. I was scared that if he lost Baron, my husband would lose his will to keep fighting his cancer. You can’t imagine what it was like to find out Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund was going to pay Baron’s bills. It felt like an angel came down from heaven. We can never thank you enough for keeping our family whole.”
– Baron's Mom


February 21, 2020


“Parker was suffering. I want to give my animals everything I can, but I have a limited income. It was unbelievable to me when Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund said they would help. I was speechless. I just cried from joy. I had never even heard of this fund and here they are helping me out in time of need. I can’t thank the supporters of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund enough for what they did for my sweet precious Parker. Thank you for giving me back my comfort, my baby. I appreciate it more than words can say.”
– Parker's Mom


February 17, 2020


“I will be forever grateful for the nurses and doctors that helped my kitty survive, but they wouldn’t have been able to do it without the generosity of all the people who support Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund. They gave us part of our family back, and made our family’s tragedy much less tragic. I will never forget what they did for us. Many miracles had to happen for Ninja to survive. Thank you everyone!”
– Misty, Sean, Rylan & Jagger


November 24, 2019


“I cannot express how much Eliie’s Rainy Day Fund’s support meant to me and still can't, but knowing she would have a chance made my world seem more bearable. It was touch and go for a few days but with the wonderful care she received thanks to you she and I are together again. And yes, she is once again extremely exuberant! Thank You Ellie’s!!!”
– Smiley's Mom


November 15, 2019


“We love our sweet, tiny Dash. We didn’t hesitate to spend the funds to get him emergency treatment. But we were in a spot when he obstructed again and we had run out of funds. It would’ve been devastating to be forced to stop treatment now. Thank you for helping to save our boy. You have kept our family together.”
– Dash's Family


October 24, 2019


“My Cosmo is everything to me. I’d do anything for him but on my limited income, I couldn’t make money appear. Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund was the answer to my prayers. I am humbled to have been helped to keep our family together. I can’t believe that strangers give money to help people like me in our time of need. If I’d lost Cosmo it would have felt like losing my son all over again. You are such a blessing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Cosmo's Mom


September 11, 2019

Charlie D.

“There was no way we could have brought Charlie home if it wasn’t for the help of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund. Charlie provides so much comfort and joy in our family that we would have never been able to replace. We are so grateful we get to continue to witness and be a part of all his lovable quirks and antics. Thank you, Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, for saving our family. You will forever be one of the biggest blessings that our family has ever received.”
– Charlie's Mom


August 27, 2019

Fancy Mae

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me and my baby girl. My recovery is challenging but lying with Fancy Mae leaning against me makes it so much easier. My husband and I have helped others in their times of need. It’s very unexpected to be on the other side and for our family to need or receive all this help. I will be forever grateful. Thank you from Fancy Mae and from our whole family.”
– Fancy Mae's Mom


August 27, 2019


“I am so incredibly grateful for Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund. I felt so helpless…knowing she needed treatment, but I couldn’t pay. It was such a horrible feeling. It felt like there was nothing I could do to stop this from possibly killing her. I just don’t know how to thank you enough. Animals are our hearts. Thank you for saving mine.”
– Trey's Dad


August 22, 2019

Layla H.

“I just can’t imagine what we would do without Layla’s unconditional love. We feel so blessed to have Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund help us. You are angels from God. We would’ve been lost without you!”
– Layla’s Mom, Granny, and Brother


July 8, 2019

Woody S.

“Without the supporters of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, Woody would have lost his leg…and then when the other one went, his life. You are all such a huge blessing. How can I express what this means to our family? We are forever grateful for your keeping our family together and we intend to do whatever we can to help you help the next family as well.”
– Woody's Mom


May 29, 2019

Lily J.

“Thanks to Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, Lily has had the opportunity to recover like a champ. She’s back to being the hit of the neighborhood and the center of our family. We wouldn’t have her without you. We can’t ever express the depth of our gratitude. We experienced the worst of humanity and the best of humanity all in one day.”
– Lily's Mom


May 8, 2019


“Without Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, we would have lost our protector, our playmate and our best friend.”
– Nikko's Mom


April 29, 2019


“My daughter and I couldn’t imagine our family without Kitty! She’s such an anchor of calm and source of unconditional love. So when the vet told us that Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund would pay for her surgery, we couldn’t believe that our baby would be saved—that our family would still be together! Everyone involved with Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund is a blessing! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
– Purrsephone's Mom


April 11, 2019

Lucy P.

“There is no way we would still have our baby without the support of everyone at Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund. Losing Lucy would have been such a weight on my daughter’s heart and such a terrible way to start our new married life. Thank you for making it possible to feel the joy of our girl as part of our family again.”
– Lucy's Family


February 20, 2019


“When I found out you could help, I was in tears. You are such a blessing to me and other families who need emergency help with their dogs and cats. There is absolutely no way I could’ve still had my girl without you. MeeShee and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
– MeeShee's Mom