Love Stories

April 14, 2023

Petey M

“The donors of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund are a blessing. Without you, Petey would have been dead. We would have been devastated. My children were inconsolable. My wife was anxious. I felt guilty. Our older dog just laid behind her bed waiting dejectedly. You are the answer to our prayers. While Petey is moving slowly as he recovers, he’s still busy giving each of us a turn with him on our laps. We couldn’t be happier or more thankful. Neither could he."
– Petey M's Family


April 14, 2023


“My son is one happy guy for Speed to be home. I am beyond grateful and humbled at your kindness and generosity. The donors of Ellie’s have eased our financial worries. Because of you, I now know we can provide for Speed’s future needs. He is an extremely important member of our little family, and we love him so much. My son would be lost without him. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!”
– Speed's Family


March 29, 2023


“Stepping on my baby was one of the worst days of my life… He’s just a puppy and he has so much life left to live. You kind folks who donate are saving my Turbo, my kids and me."
– Turbo's Mom


March 20, 2023


“To all of you who donate to Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, your help means the world to me. When Skye was diagnosed at 12 weeks old with a heart murmur, I was told she’d never make it past 2 years old. But we needed each other and we fought to stay together. Now here she is at age 7. With a miracle on the horizon thanks to you. When I took her this time to the emergency vet coughing and working to breathe, I never guessed they were going to discover she had a heart condition that could be CURED! You are giving my precious girl a chance to run and play and be a normal high energy Australian Shepherd. No more gasping to breathe! You are giving me the hope that someday she will meet my future children. She LOVES kids. You are putting my family back together. Thank you for making this miracle happen.”
– Skye's Mom


March 7, 2023


“Thank goodness for the donors of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund! My granddaughter lives on Social Security Disability. It took all she and we had to get that surgery done. Without you, Mochi wouldn’t have the rehab sessions and underwater treadmill that are her only chance to be able to walk again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Mochi and Chelsea a chance. We ALL thank you for supporting their very special love.”
– Mochi's Grandma


March 1, 2023


"It means more than I can put into words. My Toothless is the love of my life. He’s my boy, my family, my son. I can’t imagine being robbed of having a life with him by my side simply because I couldn’t afford a lifesaving surgery. I’d sell everything I own to save him. So, you donors of this fund are lifesavers. Both for him and for me."
– Toothless's Mom


February 22, 2023

Toby E.

“Toby is my best friend. I’ve never felt more like I was letting someone down, not being able to give back to him the way he gives to everyone else—and always to me. Life would be so empty and lonely without him. A million thank yous to all the people who give to make a miracle like yours happen. You have not only saved his life but the quality of mine as well.”
– Toby's Mom


February 8, 2023


“To have our boy saved by dog lovers we don’t even know was unbelievable. Every one of you who donates is a guardian angel. We are grateful beyond words. It would have been a disaster for our family to have lost our Scooby. We will donate our Christmas bonus for the rest of our life to pass on the blessing you have given to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
– Scooby's Parents


January 20, 2023

Lilly Rose

“When our vet told us there were people who donate to Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund so that families wouldn’t have to make heartbreaking decisions, we were amazed. You have given a young dog the chance to have a life—a normal, active life. You have given a young girl the gift of continuing to grow up surrounded by her dog’s love. And you have given us a reminder of the goodness of humanity. You are a Godsend!”
– Lilly's Family


November 16, 2022

Charlie H.

“We are beyond grateful and super excited to get our sweet Charbaby back—happy, healthy—alive! You have saved my kids from so much suffering. I can’t put into words the relief, joy and gratitude I have for your fund and all the kind people who support it.”
– Charlie's Mom


November 14, 2022


“All of you at Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund made the difference between happy and broken hearts. We are so incredibly grateful to all your donors for keeping our family together by making all this possible. Thank you!”
– Nanami's Mom & Grandma


November 9, 2022


“It felt like the end of the world when I had to give her to my cousin. And then after my happiness at getting her back, to have her get so sick and need surgery was terrifying. Your people are such a blessing! Without you, I wouldn’t have my furry lap warmer, my constant companion—my inspiration for living. Thank you for blessing me with the healthy return of my baby.”
– Lila's Dad


November 5, 2022

Suzie Q

“I want to thank each one of you who helped her to get back to a happier life. Now she can get her favorite belly rubs without fear of pain. And in the future, if everyone donates (which I will do as soon as I can), we could stop sad stories of people having to say goodbye to their best friend because they can’t pay the bill.”
– Suzie Q's Dad


November 4, 2022


“I may have trouble speaking due to my cancer, but I want you to hear how grateful I am to have the help of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund and all your people who care about how important Monkey is to me. It is a blessing from God that thanks to you I still have my precious Monkey. I can’t put into words how happy and grateful I am to receive this funding for my baby. My companion.”
– Monkey's Mom


November 3, 2022


“Having your support is such an amazing and wonderful gift to receive because it means that we can focus on caring for Cobaka instead of stressing over if we can afford to keep her healthy. We had no idea this organization was here to give caring pet lovers a way to help families like ours.”
– Cobaka's Family


October 30, 2022

Laila M.

“The supporters of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund helped to bring the light back into Laila’s eyes. I see more and more of her true personality with each walk we are now able to take. She is back to playing with my other dogs and enjoying her life to its fullest. Laila was always the light at the end of the tunnel for me in my times of need… I am thankful that when she needed it most, Ellie’s Fund could be the light for her.”
– Laila's Mom


October 30, 2022

Bob Bob

“If it weren’t for the supporters of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, people with such love and compassion, I would not be writing this now. You are such blessings. Thank you for saving me from having to say goodbye. I will be forever grateful for this blessing.”
– Bob Bob's Mom


September 20, 2022


“We thought we would have to put our beloved Jett down because we couldn’t afford the surgery to unblock him so he could urinate again. He was in so much pain and he looked just terrible. All I could do was cry. Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, and all of you that donate to it, are a prayer answered. You will never truly know how much you have done for our family. Bless you. We are FOREVER grateful!”
– Jett's Mom


September 5, 2022


“The help from the donors of Ellies Rainy Day Fund is a sigh of relief. It gives us one less thing to stress and worry about, so we can focus on rebuilding a place to call home for our family. I can't tell you what this exactly means to us because we can't even express the feeling after going through so many tragic events, but I can say that we are thankful for a program like this, for those who need it, because Gram probably wouldn’t have pulled through without you. Especially on behalf of my daughter, but from the rest of us as well, we want to thank you for preventing us suffering even more tragedy and loss.”
– Gram's Mom


August 24, 2022

Buster Brown

“Buster Brown is all I’ve got. It’s just him and me going through every day. Being a senior citizen on a fixed income, after all the monthly bills there isn’t much left. Still, I wanted the best for my boy. It’s amazing to me that people donate to help others they don’t even know. I’m sure thankful that you do. Thank you for keeping the love alive between Buster Brown and me.”
– Buster Brown's Dad


August 15, 2022

Gabby C.

“When my vet told me Ellie's Rainy Day Fund was going to pay for Gabby's surgery, I started crying so hard I couldn’t stop. It felt like winning the lottery! Your donors are nothing short of a blessing. To all of you Ellie supporters, THANK YOU for giving us both this second chance. I truly don’t know what I would do without her.”
– Gabby's Mom


July 6, 2022

Frankie B.

“Thanks to many empathetic, generous donors to Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, we’ll never have to face that heartache. I can’t find adequate words. If it weren’t for you, our beautiful baby boy would be gone. Our whole family is forever grateful. Thank you for saving Frankie and making our family whole again.”
– Frankie's Family


May 25, 2022


“A cold sadness overcame us and our hearts we thought couldn't possibly break anymore were then shattered. Just then our wonderful angel of a vet came in and let us know about Ellie's Rainy Day Fund. I am so thankful. Otherwise we would have lost a family member that we have had for only 6 months but yet has transcended our lives forever.”
– Whinnie's Family

April 30, 2022


“Leela is everything to my son. I wasn’t sure how he’d make it without her. But the hospitalization and treatments were going to be thousands of dollars we just didn’t have. She wouldn’t be home right now glued to my son if it wasn’t for you kind, generous people. She wouldn’t still be on this earth. Thank you for saving Leela. Thank you for saving my son.”
– Leela's Grandma


April 27, 2022

Sadie D.

“I’m fiercely independent. I’ve always paid my own way. But I cried when I was told that Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund was going to help us. Those scammers stole my money, and if it wasn’t for your donors, they would’ve stolen my family too. Bless you for keeping that from happening.”
– Sadie's Mom


April 13, 2022


“We are beyond grateful and super excited to get our sweet Charbaby back—happy, healthy—alive! You have saved my kids from so much suffering. I can’t put into words the relief, joy and gratitude I have for you fund and all the kind people who support it.”
– Meeko's Mom


March 28, 2022


“It means everything to me that the donors of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund came to the rescue. I know we haven’t had the kitten long but he was already a part of the family. I have a special bond with him and if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve lost my baby.”
– Scar's Mom


March 20, 2022


“I’m a single dad, living on a policeman’s salary. But a member of my family needed help! I had to get her out of pain and give her back the ability to move well again! She provided for me for the last 8 years. She did her service. The donors of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund have honored her legacy of the thousands of citizens she’s protected. Thank you for giving her back her life and for keeping my family whole.”
– Zeta's Dad


March 9, 2022


“What did it mean to us that you made this surgery possible? The world! You saved our world. There aren't words strong enough to say what this means to my family. I was going to try to mortgage my home to save her. But it wouldn’t happen fast enough. I am crying just typing this up. I truly feel like it's a miracle. I am so beyond thankful to every single donor to your organization.”
– Indy's Mom


March 8, 2022

Lupin (Mowie)

“I was never a cat person but this sweet boy has become my third child. During the two months I was in bed because I was so weak from COVID and then having a heart attack, Mowie is what got me through. With no paycheck for those two months, when he needed surgery, I was sure it was over. I just laid in bed and cried because I felt like I was killing him. I felt I had nowhere to turn and I’d be forced to just let him die. But then you amazing people swooped in and saved us. I can never tell you what it means that you saved my best friend, my other child”
– Lupin's Mom