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April ERDF 2024 Newsletter

April 2024 Newsletter

We almost lost him! A giant ball of string and dental floss threatened to be the end of our first "pride and joy".

Connor was our first baby. We weren’t having any luck getting pregnant but this little rescue kitten joined our family and took over our hearts. Once we had our human son, Connor took his role as "big brother" seriously! He was always standing guard, making sure his baby was safe and protected.

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March 2024 Newsletter

Protect Your Pets from these Spring Beauties

Easter Lilies are beautiful, and the smell can be intoxicating.

You may have heard that they can be poisonous to cats. But did you know they don't have to eat it to be harmed? And it's not just Easter Lilies. All lilies can kill your cat.

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February 2024 Newsletter

Meet Nugget, the adorable one-year-old emotional support dog who is ten times bigger than when he was a puppy! Nugget loves to give hugs by standing on his hind legs and placing his paws on his owner's shoulders.

He's a registered emotional support dog and is always there for his owner when she needs him the most.

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January 2024 Newsletter

In about 2 weeks, our beloved Scout will have a new family member to watch over and love. If our prep time getting the baby’s room ready is any indication, she is definitely up for the task! She is very curious about all the baby gear and has supervised the preparation every step of the way.

So what interrupted our familial bliss?


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