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Create a Facebook Fundraiser

You are AWESOME for doing a fundraiser for us!!

Did you know you will likely raise 50% more money if you cut and paste this at the beginning of the description Facebook puts in automatically??

I am raising money for Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund. This organization is amazing! They help pets who need emergency or specialty veterinary care. No one else does that. Some of these cats and dogs would have to be euthanized without their help. This organization is important to me because I know how important pets are to families.

Will you help me help them? I know you can help make my fundraiser a success. If you can’t donate, that’s ok. Can you share it with your friends? Together, we can Save Pets and Save Families.

Want to raise even more?  Tell them:

  • Why are we important to you? Have we helped you directly or someone you know?
  • Tell why you think saving pets matters.
  • What special bond do you have with your beloved pets?


Ready Made Graphics to Download
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  • Simply go to our Facebook Page 
  • Directly under our cover photo, hit “Create Fundraiser
  • Choose your goal amount to be raised & the date when the fundraiser will end.
  • Click at the top of the box about why you’re raising money and add why you personally chose us.  You may also want to leave what Facebook has generated following your words as a way to explain who we are.

Our goal is simply to help more families provide the medical care to their beloved fur kids that they desperately want to give! Your doing so could save a pet’s life!

Saving Pets | Saving Families