Sasha’s Love Story

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"She’s just a baby.  All I tried to do was do the right thing by getting her spayed. How could I loose this 1 year old beautiful soul to a routine procedure? I am so grateful beyond what I can say that you are helping me to try to give our baby at least a chance."

I was being a responsible pet owner.  How could this have happened?

My 7-year-old son is autistic. He’s incredibly smart (he reads at a 4th-grade level and started Googling things he was curious about when he was barely 6). In fact, he Googled dog names last year, found a German Shepherd he liked the looks of, and named his new dog Sasha after that one.

 However, he has problems with loud noises, social interaction, sensory textures, and being touched.

He needed help to improve his quality of life.  He needed a buddy to help him through meltdowns, get him through sensory challenges, and help him be calmer.

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That’s Sasha! She is a real love bug, no matter my son's tension on any particular day. She has made our life easier through her patience with him. If he wants to give her love, she is willing. If he doesn't feel the need to have that connection with her, she is okay with that, too. She senses his moods and acts accordingly.

My son has come so far with Sasha.  He’s decided it’s not gross to touch her.  He even says he likes her kisses!  He didn’t start talking until he was 4, but now he talks constantly to Sasha—and anyone else who will listen. LOL.  

Oh, and did I mention that she’s also my lifeline? It warms my heart when she comes over wanting my attention and puts her paw on my knee. If I pretend to ignore her, she crawls up behind me on the couch and lays her head on my shoulder. All 80 pounds of her say, “Hug me.” And I do. It’s my favorite part of the day.

So then, what was the problem, you might ask?  Well, I got her spayed two days before her 1st birthday.  She was at the emergency vet by her birthday, struggling for her life.  She had no energy, and she couldn’t breathe.  Somehow, she had gotten aspirational pneumonia during her spay procedure.

I was frantic.  My son kept asking for her.  I am a single Mom of a special needs boy.  I get no government funding.  I get no child support. So I do all I can to have what we need all by myself. The vet bills and emergency room visits took everything I had and increased my debt on Care Credit twice.  I simply didn’t have anymore.

Sasha, mom at NR
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I just kept thinking, “She’s just a baby.  All I tried to do was the right thing by getting her spayed.”  How can I describe what your kindness means to me?  Somebody else cares.  People who don’t even know me, but you know how lost I felt.  You mean the world.  I am so grateful beyond what I can say that you are helping me to try to give our baby at least a chance . Thank you so much.