November 1, 2016

Don’t Animals Just Play by Themselves?

Ever wonder about what “dog agility” is all about?  Simply put, dog agility is a competitive sport in which dog handlers compete in their ability to handle a dog through an obstacle course in a fixed amount of time. Dog agility is a wonderful way for dogs and their humans to bond.


November 4, 2016

Pints 4 Paws at Crooked Handle Brewing Company

How often do you get to go out to a bar, drink handcrafted beer and hang out with your pooch? That's what ERDF supporters did on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016 at PINTS 4 PAWS. They drank brews, chatted with other dog lovers, had a doggie playgroup, sampled homemade spent grain dog biscuits (the dogs, that is), entered raffles, and just generally had a great time.


February 11, 2017

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

With the holiday season upon us, many of us will be traveling with our four-legged family members. And just like we all have special needs and considerations when we travel, the same is true for the dogs and cats in our lives. To make the travel as stress-free as possible, keep in mind these tips...


February 19, 2017

Is My Fur Baby in Pain?

While the humans in our lives have various means of telling us they’re in pain, it’s often harder to detect pain in our four-legged family members. Unfortunately they can’t just use words to tell us. But perhaps even more importantly, their survival instincts compel them to hide their pain. Most animals in pain alter their behavior in some way, though the signs may be quite subtle. Just like in us, the causes of pain can be quite diverse.


March 21, 2017

Pets & Autism

Pets & Autism

Those of us who have four-legged family members know what an integral role they have in our lives. But recent research reported on by Autism Speaks notes that pets may especially benefit children who live with autism.


April 18, 2017

Thunder Phobia

April showers may bring May flowers, but for some of our four-legged family members, storms also bring fear and anxiety.

Dogs and cats—and even humans—become afraid during storms with the deafening sounds and light displays. If you have a dog or cat who hides as a storm approaches, trembles, seeks constant attention, drools, or otherwise becomes distraught, it is important to first recognize that this is not out of the ordinary. Yet for some animals, storms can be debilitating.


May 29, 2017

Underwater Treadmill Benefits

Dogs (and, yes, even cats) can benefit from working on a treadmill.

Pet water therapy has become the standard of supportive care in a wide variety of circumstances.  Has your dog just had hip or knee surgery?  Are they getting older and having some trouble with their gait?  Is your cat terribly overweight?


May 30, 2017

Ellie’s Hero Award

How often do you get to go out to a bar, drink handcrafted beer and hang out with your pooch? That's what ERDF supporters did on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016 at PINTS 4 PAWS. They drank brews, chatted with other dog lovers, had a doggie playgroup, sampled homemade spent grain dog biscuits (the dogs, that is), entered raffles, and just generally had a great time.


June 24, 2017

Pets Can Help People with Alzheimer’s

Those of us who have pets in our families know there is nothing quite like the unconditional love they provide.

Fur family members often create a special connection with people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Experience and research both suggest that pets can be extremely helpful for those affected by these disorders.


September 18, 2017

Disaster Prep. & Your Pets

Are you prepared to keep your pets safe?

Although we are unlikely to experience a devastating hurricane here in Ohio, the recent string of horrific hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, Florida, and the Caribbean remind us that disaster preparedness is important.  Have you made a plan in case of a chemical spill?  How about if your home catches on fire?  It’s important to be ready, and plans must include our four legged family members!


October 18, 2017

Caring for Senior Pets

Do you live with a senior?

Have you ever had the experience when someone asks you the age of your fur baby, of saying “oh, about four”—only to stop to count, and realize with some trepidation that they’re really eight? As with older family members, our aging pets need special care and considerations. Their needs change too. 


March 20, 2018

Diabetes Can Be a Silent Killer

Diabetes Can Be a Silent Killer

Is Your Pet Headed for Developing Diabetes?

Diabetes in dogs and cats  is treatable, but if left undetected it can cause blindness, organ damage, and eventually death. Is you pet prone to diabetes? Do you know the signs to watch for?  How about what to do if you suspect a problem? Are there preventative steps to take?


April 17, 2018

Introducing a New Pet to the Family

For many of us with multi-pet households, we get caught up in the excitement of bringing another dog or cat into the family. Besides the changes a new pet brings for the humans, the changes can be significant to other pets. To help ease that transition, it is important to think about how to introduce the new dog or cat to other animals in the family.


June 25, 2018

Pets Can Get Tetanus Too!

You have probably heard of tetanus, and may remember getting a tetanus shot every 10 years or so, but did you know that dogs and cats can contract tetanus too?


July 20, 2018

Allergies in Pets

For many of us, the struggle with allergies is all too real. Whether our allergies are seasonal or persist year-round, we have to find ways to cope. Our four-legged family members can suffer from allergies too. Allergens can affect the immune systems of our dogs and cats, but their manifestation may be a bit different than in humans.


September 24, 2018

Deciding on Treatment for Your Pet

Disclaimer: You may find yourself wanting to skip this article. These questions can feel hard. It’s tempting to avoid them. That is, until you can’t. We know you want to take the best care of your furry family & yourself that you can. This article will help you to think these things through.


October 21, 2018

Are Your Pets Part of Your Family?

For people that have grown up with pets in their homes, you know how truly special our companions can be for us. The bond between us is something unique, and while some people may poke fun at our “obsession” with our pets, for many of us it enriches our lives beyond compare. Pets are cherished members of our families! They provide us with so many great benefits, both within the family and beyond.


January 23, 2019

Is Pet Insurance Right for You?

For many of us, the new year brings decisions about health care. Which plan?  Maybe even which insurance provider? Pet insurance also brings the added question of do I buy it at all. For many of us when we add a new furry family member, there come these considerations.


February 18, 2019

Keep Them Smiling!

If you’re like most people, you’re not excited about going to the dentist. You probably figure your pet won’t be either. Maybe you think you don’t need to worry about their teeth unless they start drooling or cocking their head when eating. Sadly, by then your fur baby is almost certainly in pain… maybe worse.


March 15, 2019

Hyperthyroidism vs Hypothyroidism: Cats vs Dogs

Just like people, cats and dogs also have thyroid glands located in their necks that secrete hormones that regulate their metabolisms; if the hormone is low, then the metabolism will be low, if the hormone is high, the metabolism is also high.


June 17, 2019

Pet First Aid

Have you ever wondered what to do when dealing with a pet emergency? All sorts of activities can lead to your furry pal getting an injury, and sometimes there are basic emergency care procedures you can do for them to ease their pain or save their life in an emergency situation.


July 18, 2019

You Mean Their Stomach Can Kill Them?

Have you ever heard of bloat? Medically known as Gastric Dilation and Volvulus syndrome (GDV), it is a life-threatening condition that primarily affects large, deep-chested dogs and some cats. Though the causes aren’t often known, the signs & symptoms are. Knowing them could save your pet’s life!


August 22, 2019

Could Your Pet Be Suffering from Arthritis?

Have you noticed that your pet has been more careful getting up and down, limping, or just moving more slowly? It could be a result of a number of ailments, but one in particular could be a form of osteoarthritis.


September 23, 2019

Could Your Pet Benefit from Essential Oils?

Over the last few years the popularity of essential oils and aromatherapy has exploded. People are using them for everything from enhancing sleep to treating cancer. With the increasing popularity of these oils, the use of them with our pets has increased as well. But, is that a good thing?


February 25, 2020

How Do I Love Thee? Here Are 10 Good Ways!

Sometimes the way our pets give and receive love can be different than with humans. You might think that the best way to your pup’s or kitty’s heart is through their stomach (and you’re not necessarily wrong), but a little too much love in that way is going to have them packing on the pounds quickly! 


April 24, 2020

Pets Can Nurse Us Through Illness

Pets are known to have a sort of sixth sense for humans and illness. How many stories have you heard about a friend of a friend’s pet alerting them that something might be off with their health? When they finally decide to see a doctor, they have an actual medical ailment.


May 22, 2020

Where Did You Go? Helping Our Fur Kids Adjust to Another Big Schedule Change.

What if you were living the life of your dreams?  You used to be lonely but NOW your favorite people are always around and they’re paying lots of attention to you! OR, what if your nice quiet home has been invaded and you feel like you never get your quiet time alone?  Either way, in our fur kids’ lives things are about to drastically change.


August 20, 2020

Diabetes in Dogs & Cats

Although we probably don’t think about it too often, our pets can get diabetes just like us. In fact, it’s very common in cats and dogs and is even on the rise in both species. However, just because your beloved furbaby has diabetes, they can still lead a happy and long life!


October 26, 2020


If you’ve ever lived with a dog or cat or any pet, you know that blissful feeling of getting home after a stressful day at the office and being greeted by your floof purring loudly or wagging their tail so enthusiastically that their entire body is just along for the ride. Is there really anything better than coming home to your fur kid who’s been waiting for your return all day, and wants to show you nothing but love? I don’t think so!


January 24, 2021

What Will They Do When You’re Gone?

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your furry family members if you suddenly passed? Would they be cared for by a friend or family member or end up in a shelter? In our present circumstances, it’s something more folks have started to consider.


March 17, 2021

What Have You Been Waiting All Winter to Do With Your Fur Kids?

You’ve spent most of the last several months inside, staying warm, and oftentimes not around many other people. Now that Spring is just around the corner maybe you’re starting to think about all the fun activities you want to do with your fur buddies the second the weather breaks. Should you go camping? Shopping? Swimming? Work out? Go to the beach? Take a hike? Have a picnic? Go on a road trip?


May 24, 2021

What’s in a Name?

How did you choose the name for your fur kid? Last year I adopted a dog from a rescue. They'd given him a temporary name and I knew I didn't want to keep that name, but choosing a replacement turned out to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated.


June 10, 2021

Reasons Why I Should Get a Puppy

13 year old Whitney had longed for a puppy to join her family for a long time.  So this past Spring, she did something about it. She spent her Spring Break researching scientific evidence to back her claim that having a pet is beneficial to kids’ development and really to the health of everyone in the family.


July 22, 2021

In Search of the Perfect Pet Photo

What’s better on a rainy afternoon than perusing your social media and stumbling on a few adorable pet photos? If only some of them were YOUR posts featuring YOUR fur family. Whether you’re using a DSLR camera or a smartphone, taking pics of one pet or several, these suggestions will up your pet photography game! Which ones have you never thought of?


January 19, 2022

Pet-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new m…err, fur kid! You know how it goes this time of year, everyone’s starting their new year's resolutions. Common ones include trying to get back on track with your health, trying new things, saving money, etc. But what about your four-legged family members? Have you ever thought about setting some resolutions for them? How about with them? There’s no time like the present to start  How many of these can you embrace? 


March 22, 2022

Should Your Pets File Taxes?

As the tax deadline looms, don’t forget about write-offs that could literally go to the dogs! Whether your adorable pup is on patrol or your cat exploits her gorgeous looks, you may want to read this. Although pets cannot be reported as dependents to the IRS, there are a number of deduction possibilities.


May 25, 2022

What’s For Dinner? Choosing Your Fur Kid’s Food

Have you ever wondered what goes into your dog or cat’s food? What about the freshness of it? Do you buy their food based on a cute animal on the front of the bag or the recommendation of your vet? There’s so much to consider when deciding on food for your fur kids. It can feel a bit overwhelming! Here are some ideas that will hopefully move you toward selecting the food that best fits both your pet’s and your needs.


June 20, 2022

Is That Dog In The Hot Car Going To Die?

You park at the grocery store to run in for some milk. You happen to look in the car next to you and you see a dog inside. It’s 80 degrees outside. The windows may or may not be cracked. The car may or may not be in the shade. The dog may or may not look in distress. What do you do?


August 18, 2022

Are You Ready for a Fire?

Do you have a plan for ALL of your family in the event of a fire? Have you or a loved one ever gone through a structure fire? Do you worry about what would happen if one broke out in your home? 


October 22, 2022

Are Your Houseplants Pet-Safe?

Dogs and cats eat LOTS of things they shouldn’t! We're approaching fall, and outdoor gardening season is about over. Do you garden indoors to keep your spirits up during the winter? If so, it’s important to know which popular houseplants are safe for your fur kids, and which ones spell trouble. Some of the “no-no”s may surprise you.