Reasons Why I Should Get a Puppy!

13 year old Whitney had longed for a puppy to join her family for a long time.  So this past Spring, she did something about it.  She spent her Spring Break researching scientific evidence to back her claim that having a pet is beneficial to kids’ development and really to the health of everyone in the family. 

Spoiler alert:  the photo you see let’s you know how it went. Whitney and her sister, Lauren named their new furry sibling Danny Boy in honor of their grandfather who passed away in December.

Check out her hard work!  I guarantee it’ll better equip you the next time someone questions your actions with your pet by saying, “it’s just a dog” or “it’s just a cat”. 

Which one of her reasons resonates with you?  What made you decide to get your fur kid(s)? Share your "love story" with me!

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