Reasons Why I Should Get a Puppy

13 year old Whitney had longed for a puppy to join her family for a long time.  So this past Spring, she did something about it. She spent her Spring Break researching scientific evidence to back her claim that having a pet is beneficial to kids’ development and really to the health of everyone in the family.

Spoiler alert:  the photo you see let’s you know how it went J  Whitney and her sister, Lauren named their new furry sibling Danny Boy in honor of their grandfather who passed away in December.

Check out her hard work!  I guarantee it’ll better equip you the next time someone questions your actions with your pet by saying, œit’s just a dog or œit’s just a cat.

Which one of her reasons resonates with you?  What made you decide to get your fur kid(s)? Share your “love story” with me!   [email protected]