Pet First Aid

Have you ever wondered what to do when dealing with a pet emergency? What happens when your dog, Fido, gets a cut from running in the woods with you? What should you do if your cat, Fluffy, suddenly stops breathing? All sorts of activities can lead to your furry pal getting an injury, and sometimes there are basic emergency care procedures you can do for them to ease their pain or save their life in an emergency situation.

First of all, there are some everyday precautions that you can take to prevent some common threats to your pet, which include:

  • Crate train your dog correctly.
  • Pet-proof the house to prevent accidental poisoning.
  • Keep your pets living in the home with you. Cats, especially indoor-outdoor cats, create a higher risk of being attacked
  • Always make sure to have your dogs under your control. Dogs should be kept on leashes at all times when outside to help prevent tangling with another animal, getting hit by a car, etc

If one of these things should happen, or anything that requires at-home first aid, make sure to follow the rules of pet first aid:

  • Make sure it’s safe for you to enter the area near your pet
  • Check the ABC’s

ABC's of Pet First Aid