In Search of the Perfect Pet Photo

In Search of the Perfect Pet Photo


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What’s better on a rainy afternoon than perusing your social media and stumbling on a few adorable pet photos? Have you ever wondered how the photographer was able to capture such a perfect shot with the animal looking directly into the lens? It’s a feat that few have mastered, but we’ve got some ideas that can get you well on your way to snapping that perfect picture of your furbaby to share with the world!

Whether you’re using a full camera setup or your phone to snap the pictures, here are some tips and tricks for getting a great shot.

General Rules of Thumb:

  1. The number one trick for capturing great photos of moving targets is to take many quick shots in succession, referred to as bursts
  2. Get down on your fur kid’s level.
  3. Fill the frame with just them.
  4. Get your pet’s attention by attaching a treat to your camera, exactly where you want your pet to look.
  5. For dogs, squeak a ball or produce a hidden toy just as you’re starting to shoot.
  6. For cats, try flicking a feather near the camera or the location you want them to look.
  7. Have a second set of hands to get your pet set up the way you want them and get the pictures before they lose focus.
  8. Pay attention to what’s in the background. Clutter can be distracting.
  9. Take more photos than you need.
  10. Be patient; know your pet’s limits; and have some FUN!

Taking Photos of Multiple Pets

  1. Get someone to help you set your furry ones in position.
  2. Set up your most obedient fur kid first, and then set up the rest as quickly as possible after. Once they’re set up in a way you like, the next task of getting them all to look in the same direction at the same time begins.
  3. Combine the forms of stimulation listed above by using each pet’s favorite attention-getter. Maybe one of them likes sounds and another responds better to treats”have everything already prepared!
  4. If that doesn’t work, trying saying each animal’s favorite word –that’s sure to get some excitement on their faces.
  5. And lastly, if you have any photo editing skills, try putting your pets on leashes. Usually if the leashes are taut they can be edited out easily.

Here are some great articles for an exhaustive list of tips and tricks to get the best pet photos possible, with smartphones  or  DSLRs.