Chloe’s Love Story

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"Chloe was discarded and helpless when I met her.  She’s been through years of surgery, wound care, rehab.  I am so grateful to Dr. Julie and you amazing donors of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund for enriching both of our lives.  Expanding Chloe’s horizons—literally—is life-changing for her and transformative for me."

What’s your favorite thing to do in the whole, wide world? Running of course, because I never could before.

See, I was born with legs that didn’t work quite right. My knees for some reason, wouldn’t stay in place. I couldn’t stand up straight and my back was always hunched over. You could say, I walked like a crab. Trust me, that was no fun.

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Lucky for me, I was sent someone named Mom, and she knew exactly what I needed. So off we went to a place where other sick pups were. I was so scared, was I that sick? But in walked this man in a white lab coat. He looked very smart. He explained exactly what they could do. The man wanted a lot of something called money, but he could make me better. Mom shook his hand and we had a date.

My big day came and things went well. Getting better was rough but we did everything the man in the white coat told us to do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t feel one of my paws. I had an itchy tingly feeling that was driving me crazy. No matter how hard mom tried, She couldn’t keep me from chewing on it. But, we didn’t give up. That doctor guy sewed my foot up and put medicine on it. We saw him every 3 days for a long time. Me and mom soaked my foot, and changed my dressings every night. That was my favorite time, because I got to lick the peanut butter off the pad while she did the work.

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As hard as that all was, I began to know that I would be OK. I went from being alone in the world to being a dog that mattered!

I let myself relax and be who I am… a goofy girl who loves to carry big toys ( especially my bear), who always goes for a cuddle, and who isn’t afraid to twine up with my doodle sister for some quality naptime! Oh yes, I can be as my humans say, a bit sassy and rambunctious. I can finally see and reach stuff on the counters. Then there was a small episode at Christmas, when I was caught on camera on Christmas eve (1am) undecorating the tree and sharpening my teeth on a few ornaments. OK, shredding them, but I AM still a puppy, we do that kinda thing.

But you know what? My Mom took that for what it was. A sign that I was feeling good. Ever since my doctor friend at Veterinary Alternatives got me that special brace, my paw has stopped being raw, I can actually stand on my back legs. I can put my front paws on the top of the fence and see other dogs and kids go by. A whole world I couldn’t see before.

And you guessed it. I can run!!

A message from Chloe’s Mom:

It’s been a long road for the both of us. Surgery, wound care, and keeping Chloe calm to heal properly, but she’s been worth every penny of expense and every moment of care.
Covering the costs has become increasingly hard, but then I look at our girl. Chloe who was discarded and helpless when I met her. Seeing her happy and running, that’s all the thanks I need, I can see the thankfulness in her eyes. She can now go for a walk in the park or around the block, thanks to a healed paw and a protective, supportive brace. I am so grateful to Dr. Julie and the donors of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund for enriching both of our lives. Expanding Chloe’s horizons—literally—is life-changing for her and transformative for me. Thanks for giving her the chance to be a rowdy puppy, and giving us a chance at years of fun and adventure!