Sabastian T.

I don’t know what I would’ve done without Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund. You’re helping me to do what’s best for my baby. Thank you for being our guardian angel.
Mosha’s Mom

Sabastian T.

Sabastian was coughing constantly…a deep, racking cough. Was I going to lose him too?

My wife Joy got through her final days (before cancer finally took her) by feeling the abiding love of our 15-year-old Lhasa Apso, Sabby, who stayed cuddled on top of her day and night. They had always shared a bond that went deep into their souls, but the sicker Joy got, the more it seemed they couldn’t get enough of each other.

We got Sabby when a friend’s Lhasa Apso had a litter of nine pups. He was the runt, but he was a survivor. Seven of his siblings died with Parvo, but he never got it. I think it was because he was destined to be our life-savior.

For the first few years, he did the normal cool dog things. He followed us everywhere even learned to howl with us”his œpack. He rode in a pouch attached to my chest. He always traveled with us. Heck, once he even got arrested when we went out whale watching he decided he was not going to be left behind. So upon our return we had to ascertain his whereabouts then go down to œbail him out.

Then Joy started passing out. Whenever she did, Sabby would lick her until she regained consciousness. On more than one occasion, I think he saved her life.

Toward the end of her life, Joy was very tired weak. Sabby seemed to know he had a part in giving her the comfort peace to live on. So when he started hacking we worried he had pneumonia or possibly congestive heart failure, I feared what would happen if they had to be apart.

With all the medical bills, we really couldn’t afford to go to the vet, let alone get any testing done. I was to the point of crying because I was so worried about him. That’s when Miami Valley Animal Hospital Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund got involved. The x-rays came out fine tests showed he had a respiratory infection. They began treating it that very day!

I cannot express how thankful we were! You gave Joy some comfort. You took a weight off my shoulders. You gave Sabby the chance to stay with his Mom. I would like to thank every contributor of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund for your time, care, dedication the resources that make this possible.

That is true Love!!


”Sabastian’s other Mom