Marley's Love Story

Ellie's Rainy Day Fund helped pay for Marley's life-saving cancer treatment.

Thank you to everyone at Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund for helping Marley…and me!


Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund helped my vet save Marley’s life. Here is our story.

Growing up I’d always looked forward to the day that I could get my very own dog, and when I finally did it was nothing short of my expectations.

Marley got her name, or rather picked her name, when she responded to me telling my friend that the music I was listening to was Bob Marley, and kept reacting each time I said Marley. Even as her personality started showing through more, and I got to see the incredibly goofy side of her (she chases her tail all the time and insists on wearing bandanas), the name was a perfect fit.

Marley’s unconditional love helped get me through health challenges, failed relationships and a cross country move, all while helping me stay focused and motivated as I was trying to earn my degree. That love has gotten me through so many rough days and difficult situations in the past seven years that I couldn’t list them all if I tried.

Marley is starting to get older now, but she hardly acts like it. When her vet found a mass in her mouth during a routine dental cleaning, I was incredibly sad. Of course, no one wants to hear that someone they love has cancer. I felt very helpless in terms of trying to fix the situation since I am a college student and knew that I would struggle to come up with the money to afford the necessary treatment. I didn’t want this to mean the end for her because she still had so much life left and deserved to get the most out of it.

That’s when I was made aware of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, a non-profit group whose goal is to help partner veterinarians provide care for pets whose owners struggle financially. Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund agreed to provide funds to my veterinarian to pay for Marley’s surgery.

I felt so many emotions from hearing the news, and being given hope that Marley would be okay, that the only way I could react was to choke back tears from crying and laughing at the same time.

Not only would Marley be able to have the surgery done that would give her the best chance of survival without affecting her quality of life, but I also didn’t have to struggle with my finances even more while trying to take care of her and going to school. I never could have imagined the situation working out as well as it has for both Marley and myself.

Thank you to everyone at Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund for helping Marley…and me!



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