Rowdy's Love Story

Rowdy has a “sixth sense” he uses to protect his dad, so he is critical to his family’s well-being.

We can’t thank you enough. Your program is so unique; we’ve never heard of anything like this before. Without you we would’ve lost our boy.


"Hello! My name is Rowdy. I’m about 4 years old. Here is my story..."

I was born to feral parents, and my human mom and dad rescued me as a kitten. I had a terrible eye infection, and they helped me beat the infection. Although I’ve lost some vision in one eye, I still have another one that’s pretty good.

After a few years I had a huge problem—I couldn’t pee!  Mom and dad rushed me to the hospital. The doctor said I needed “re-plumbed.” So later on, a great doctor fixed me... at least, he tried. I kept having problems. Mom and dad said the surgery failed, although it’s very, very rare for that to happen.

One day I was really struggling and crying in pain. Again, mom and dad took me to MedVet in Moraine, Ohio. Everyone was really nice to me. Especially that sweet woman who cradled me and kept me from being scared.

Well, I needed another surgery. Mom and dad were really upset, and they called my grandma to the hospital. They said that they only had a little money left and couldn’t afford the surgery. They said they had spent thousands trying to make me better. It was said that I would not survive without the surgery, and that I may have to go to sleep.

My mom and dad stayed with me and then Doctor Levin walked in with some good news. Because my parents tried to so hard to help me, MedVet had gifted us Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund! Ellie’s is a program that helps people who cannot pay for medical help for their animals. Mom and dad were in tears!

I had my surgery, it went very well, and I’m home! Doctor Moeller fixed me right up.

Now that I'm all better, I can help my dad again.

You see, Dad has had 5 back surgeries, and he has extensive nerve damage. Sometimes he falls, and it’s bad when he does. But I have a gift. I can tell when he’s about to fall and I warn him. I’m not sure how I do it, but I can tell. So before he falls I run up and start meowing at him, frantically.

The first few times he fell anyway, but then he finally figured out that cat knows best and started listening to me. It’s rare that he falls anymore because I warn him! And when he’s hurting and in pain, I stay with him. Purrs can fix anything.

So, I guess the next question is where do I go from here?

Mom and dad said I have special talents, so I will be working with various agencies with my mom and dad as a therapy pet! I will go to nursing homes and hospitals to visit with people and make them feel better. I’m pretty sure it’s what I’m meant to do.



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