Bailey's Love Story

Ellie's Rainy Day Fund helped Bailey better his quality of life.

We appreciate your generosity in helping our boy, Bailey, to stay mobile and to lessen his pain.


A Letter from Bailey's Dad & Mom...

Bailey is 12 years old now. He’s been an important part of our family since we got him when he was just 7 weeks old.

We first discovered he had issues when he got neutered and almost bled to death (due to a rare blood disease that prevents it from clotting properly). When shortly thereafter we discovered that his right hip was not fully formed, risking surgery was unfortunately not an option. This began our lifelong commitment to doing whatever we could for him–primarily acupuncture and physical therapy–to keep him moving and out of pain

Thanks to Dr. Sue, Bailey leads a pretty normal life.

He loves to ride in the car, enjoys walking in the park, and adores playing fetch. Of everything in the world, he loves interacting with people, especially kids! Because of him, we have met so many wonderful people and experienced relationships that would never have happened without him. He is the love of our lives!

Thank you, Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, for helping us to keep giving Bailey the best quality of life that we can. As he has gotten older, his health challenges have increased, making it harder to afford everything that he needs.  Thanks to your support we hope to keep Bailey enjoying his life and making ours so much richer for many more years to come.



Bailey's Photos

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