Eddie's Love Story

Eddie is my company, my comfort, and my friend. He is the only family I have left. The best days are “super snuggle Saturdays” when I hold him against my chest while relaxing on the couch and we nap or watch TV.  Without Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, Eddie’s quality of life would’ve been compromised and I might have had to face the isolation of my permanent disability without him.


A Message from Eddie's Mom

With his long snout and even longer legs, most people presume Eddie is a Standard Poodle puppy. He is actually a 14 ½ year old man, likely an accidental cross-breed between a Miniature and Standard, the perfect “snuggle size”. As a puppy, he loved being cradled in the crook of my arm like a baby, and to this day it is the position he prefers (me too!).

Eddie has always been a great comfort to me. I am permanently disabled. The biggest downside of that is the isolation. Next is the high cost of health care. I am an only child and received a lot of financial help from my parents which included pet care costs before they passed away.

In 2017, Eddie darted after a ball and wailed a horrible scream as his left, rear ACL tendon snapped in two. The repaired leg was so tight it was tucked against his body and wouldn’t extend. It took over six months of physical therapy and Underwater Treadmill Therapy at Veterinary Alternatives to stretch it enough to be usable. When it finally touched the ground, the muscles of his whole back end had withered so treadmill therapy became an ongoing necessity.

Like many, I was blindsided when Covid meant I was suddenly unemployed and went from poor to broke. The treadmill office was closed so Eddie could not receive therapy. When it reopened Eddie had gone without therapy for three months and the musculature of his entire back end had again withered.  It pained me to see that when he walked his bad leg would drag. There was a lot of ground to regain with more frequent appointments. But I didn’t have the discretionary income to cover the treadmill. The staff at Veterinary Alternatives suggested that Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund could help me cover Eddie’s initial weekly treadmill appointments to regain his strength, giving me time to get established at a new job. He enjoys his treadmill time and was excited to start going again. I was relieved that now he would be able to regain his quality of life.

It’s actually helping both of us with our quality of life. I love taking Eddie on his walks and the exercise is key to me staying healthy also. I probably should’ve lost Eddie years ago. He’s a determined dog with a strong will and I often think he’s stuck around to allow me time to grieve my parents and adjust to being without them. Eddie is the last living reminder of the family I once had and I am thankful for every extra day we have together.


Jessica, Eddie's Mom

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