Pets Can Get Tetanus Too!

Pets Can Get Tetanus Too! You have probably heard of tetanus, and may remember getting a tetanus shot every 10 years or so, but did you know that dogs and cats can contract tetanus too? Rest assured it is rare for dogs, and even more so for cats, to contract it because they are far […]

Benefits of Having a Pet for Seniors

Benefits of Having a Pet for Seniors If you have a pet as a family member, chances are you can already articulate the benefits that a pet has brought to your life. But did you know that pets can be particularly helpful to us as we age? If you have a pet as a family […]

Work Up To Brushing

Do You Know the #1 Cause of Pet Illness? If you’re like most people, you’re not excited about going to the dentist. You probably figure your pet won’t be either. Maybe you think you don’t need to worry about their teeth unless they start drooling or cocking their head when eating. Sadly, by then your […]

Caring for Senior Pets

Do you live with a senior? Have you ever had the experience when someone asks you the age of your fur baby, of saying œoh, about four”only to stop to count, and realize with some trepidation that they’re really eight? As with older family members, our aging pets need special care and considerations. Their needs […]

Disaster Prep. & Your Pets

Are you prepared to keep your pets safe? Although we are unlikely to experience a devastating hurricane here in Ohio, the recent string of horrific hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, Florida, and the Caribbean remind us that disaster preparedness is important.  Have you made a plan in case of a chemical spill?  How about if […]

What Do Your Pet’s Kisses Mean?

The Reasons for Pet Kisses Cat and dog kisses are the best!  But, are they doing it because they love us? Happily, yes! But there are other reasons too.  Cats and dogs get lots of œlickings when they are young.  So licking us can mean they’re secure with us as a part of their family”they’re […]

Pets Can Help People with Alzheimer’s

How Pets Can Help People with Alzheimer’s. Those of us who have pets in our families know there is nothing quite like the unconditional love they provide. Fur family members often create a special connection with people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Experience and research both suggest that pets can be extremely helpful […]

Underwater Treadmill Benefits

The Benefits of Underwater Treadmills Dogs (and, yes, even cats) can benefit from working on a treadmill. Pet water therapy has become the standard of supportive care in a wide variety of circumstances.  Has your dog just had hip or knee surgery?  Are they getting older and having some trouble with their gait?  Is your […]

Thunder Phobia

Thunder Phobia April showers may bring May flowers, but for some of our four-legged family members, storms also bring fear and anxiety. Dogs and cats”and even humans”become afraid during storms with the deafening sounds and light displays.  If you have a dog or cat who hides as a storm approaches, trembles, seeks constant attention, drools, […]

Introducing a New Pet to the Family

For many of us with multi-pet households, we get caught up in the excitement of bringing another dog or cat into the family. Besides the changes a new pet brings for the humans, the changes can be significant to other pets. To help ease that transition, it is important to think about how to introduce […]