Toby E’s Love Story


Hey, I’m Toby, the “friendliest dog you’ll ever meet”. I don’t know about that but I DO like to say hi to everyone. Yes, everyone. Mom says I’m a “customer magnet” for her new business. People do seem to flock to me at craft shows, and once I’m done loving on them they buy lots of Mom’s products.

Want to hear the story of how I was chosen to be in my family?  Did you know my Mom drove 4 hours to meet  me?  She told the people who had me that she started crying when she saw my picture on the web.  She just knew.

It was her first time living on her own and she wanted someone to keep her company, help with her mood and keep her safe.  Even though I was only 9 weeks old then,  I knew I was the dog for the job!

If I do say so myself, I have been. I go everywhere with my Mom—hiking, camping, and at the volleyball leagues. In fact, I’m the official mascot of her volleyball team!  I also give awesome hugs.  I’m always there when Mom feels down. And I do an amazing job of keeping her safe from all flies that invade the perimeter of our house. I go after EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Need a laugh? I’m your dog. I’m a fierce chaser of “light fairies” (AKA laser pointers). I love to model hats. If Mom’s not paying enough attention to me, I get between her and the TV and keep jumping straight up in the air. Oh yeah, and she also seems to think it’s funny when I sleep in the bathtub to cool off and when I used to take showers with her as a pup so I could catch water droplets in my mouth.

There was nothing funny about what happened to me though. See, I chewed up one of my rubber toys! Nothing unusual about that.  But this time something got stuck! I felt like I was dying  (Turns out I almost did!). My folks were frantic. They just couldn’t get the money for surgery and the ICU. We all thought it was the end.

Since you’re reading this, you know it wasn’t. Mom’s been telling everyone…

“Toby is my best friend. I’ve never felt more like I was letting someone down, not being able to give back to him the way he gives to everyone else—and always to me. Life would be so empty and lonely without him. A million thank you’s to all the people who give to make a miracle like ours happen.  You have not only saved his life but the quality of mine as well.”

Toby’s Mom