Sophie T’s Love Story

The donors of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund made it possible to keep us all together as a family. We were convinced that in a very short amount of time we were going to have to say goodbye to Sophie. Thanks to you, we have hope; she has a chance to live a happy life full of love. Thank you for saving our family!

Sophie T’s Family

Could you use something uplifting today?  I’d like to share with you an amazing story of perseverance, trust and hope.

10 years ago, we saw a Facebook post about a 6-month-old Labradoodle who desperately needed a new home.  It was February and she lived chained outside on a porch, with water that was frozen, and seldom any food or attention.  She weighed only 22 pounds. At the time, we weren’t looking to adopt a dog but we felt like we NEEDED TO HELP her.  The plan was to get her back on her feet and find her a good home but, as expected, those plans quickly changed.

Here we are all these years later, with one of the best gifts we’ve ever received.  May I tell you a bit about Sophie?

Everyone who loves their dog thinks they have the best dog, with good reason.  To us, Sophie certainly is the best dog in the world. It has been nothing short of a miracle that this starved, neglected puppy has gone on to show us how to take on life’s challenges with hope and unconditional love.

My husband has struggled for years with a congenital blood disorder that has prematurely claimed the life of some of his family members.  Three years ago, he developed several blood clots following Achilles tendon surgery, resulting in life-threatening bilateral pulmonary emboli. Shortly after beginning treatment, he developed a periodic paralysis disorder.  The unpredictable nature of increasing paralysis episodes and addition of other health challenges has shrunk his world considerably. The surmounting debt and the life changes relating to our “new normal” has been an emotional rollercoaster.  Through it all, Sophie has been our source of comfort, hope, and companionship.

Just by being her cuddly, goofy, loveable self, Sophie unknowingly brings peace and joy to our lives.  She loves kayaking or paddle boarding with me (she’s remarkably graceful getting on the equipment, btw). She diligently shows our 2 year old deaf dog, Theo, how to navigate the world (He’s lost without her).  Sophie also loves snuggling with one of us or our cat, Ravi.  Over the years, she has displayed her love of chocolate, butter, and bread by stealing it off of the (way out of reach) counter and carefully devouring it all with the exception of the wrappers.  She’s 100% in the moment, a constant example of how to live life to the fullest!

At this point, you’re probably wondering what happened that caused her to need emergency help.  Well, that’s a complicated answer.  It’s another testament to her perseverance and another way she is teaching us how to live by example.

2.5 years ago, our girl was diagnosed with anal gland cancer.  We moved heaven and earth to get her the surgery and chemo to give her the best chance at a full life.  Our time with her has been great since her recovery as she quickly regained her strength and zeal for life. In July, we noticed that Sophie was having trouble breathing, going to the bathroom and her health rapidly deteriorated almost overnight. We feared the worst. She was miserable so we quickly rushed her to the ER.  As part of the diagnostics, we needed an echocardiogram and CT scan to find out what was happening and if anything could be done.  Our hearts sank at the unaffordable costs.  We would do anything for her but we couldn’t find money where there was none. As we tried to come to terms with the reality of the situation, we were informed that there was still hope!

“You guessed it.  The donors of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund made it possible to keep us all together as a family.  She’s now had her surgery and is almost back to acting like her old self!  We were convinced that in a very short amount of time we were going to have to say goodbye to Sophie. Thanks to you, we have hope; we will enjoy every moment we have together. Thank you for keeping our family whole!

–Emma, Micah, Sophie T, Theo, and Ravi