Selina’s Love Story

selina with parents, hard to see her copy

"Because of the donors of Ellie’s, we were able to get surgery for Selina the very next day. She didn’t have to spend another nagging day with the mass that was seemingly growing minute by minute. We will be forever grateful.  We only hope that now one day, we can pay the kindness forward."

I have struggled all of my life with mental health disorders/illnesses. I have tried nearly every form of therapy in the past 20 years for my PTSD. Of all of the treatments I have received, the most effective treatment comes in the form of love and support. My beloved Selina has given me that every single day since she entered my life.

In the DC Comics Universe, Selina Kyle is the secret identity of Catwoman: a sultry, sophisticated cat burglar that is known for stealing jewels and hearts alike. 


Spend five minutes with our Selina, and you’ll know exactly why we gave her the name. Not only is she the most beautiful girl in the world (according to her mama); when she slinks up onto your lap, you can’t help but fall in love.


Selina has helped me reach a level of peace I never thought would be achievable.

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In October 2021, however, that peace was disrupted when our apartment unexpectedly caught fire and trapped Selina inside. If two hours of fighting the flames and a smoke explosion weren’t enough, 200,000 gallons of water a minute from merely one of the hoses looked to be enough to wash her away. Miraculously, the fire chief heard her meows from the street and rushed in to rescue her.


Two weeks after her hospitalization at MedVet, it was like nothing had ever happened. We were so grateful to have our family back together. We made a promise to Selina right then that no matter what we would always take care of her and keep her safe. 

Fast forward to 2023.  When we discovered the rapidly growing mammary tumor under her left leg, we were prepared for the worst. We were terrified that we would have to say goodbye to our sweet girl. But after all she’d been through, how could we not be able to keep our promise?

When we were informed that Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund would help us with her surgery and further treatment, we nearly collapsed from the sheer weight of the gratitude we felt. We are so incredibly moved and grateful for people like all of you.

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