Pharaoh's Love Story

Pharaoh's Story…

Did you know that black cats are the least likely to get adopted?  Usually that’s very sad.  But in my case, it was lucky.  You see, I was one of the last two left from my litter but that meant I was still there to meet my Mom.  When she came in, I heard her tell her family friend who had me that she’d always wanted a black cat!  

When she came over and we locked eyes, it was all over.  We both fell head over heels in love! There I was, a black cat with golden eyes.  Just like the ones she was drawn to in her study of Egyptian culture.  So I was named Pharaoh.

When I heard her say that she had just lost a cat baby, I made up my mind that she would always feel loved and never feel alone again.

I think in my 10 months of life, I have lived up to that promise.  When Mom gets wracked with anxiety or  mopey with depression, I bring her my blue bird and get her to play fetch with me.  I’ll get that thing for her til her arm falls off.  Oh, and did you know Mom is terrified of bugs?  But I take care of them for her.  I can catch anything.  I dispose of them too.  What makes me proudest though is when she’s feeling bad and she buries her nose in my neck and just strokes my fur.  I can feel her relaxing.

Recently, I got a little overly rambunctious.  I was very proud of myself when I showed my plastic toy who was boss.  I didn’t know eating some of it was going to hurt so badly though.  One minute I was fine.  The next I was throwing up and I couldn’t stop. 

My Mom and Dad were frantic.  They rushed me to the ER and spent their house-bills money on x-rays.  So now they for sure knew the problem.  But no way could they afford the surgery to fix it.  But hey, thanks to all these cool people who love pets and care about other people who love us, this thing called Ellie’s Fund had money to save us (me and my family)!

From Pharaoh’s Mom:  “Pharaoh is my entire world.  He makes me laugh every day.  He gets me through the dark places my brain goes to.  Right now, he’s getting me through the anxiety of looking for a job.  I cried when I found out there are people out there who want to help folks like me.  We take good care of our boy but we just couldn’t swing this emergency.  Thanks to you our family is still complete.  Thank you for saving our boy!”

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