Letty’s Love Story

Letty Smiling, best overall copy

"Letty has had her surgery and she’s doing great!  I feel like we can see her smiling now when she moves.  We are smiling from ear to ear too.  It’s all because of your donors!  You gave us all our lives back.  Thank you!!!"

Hi, I’m Letty.  I admit it.  It’s been tough not to run and romp with my brother, Denver.  Not to go on walks with the family.  To have to be carried up the stairs every night to go to bed.

But I LOVE my family.  My Dad needs me to be there to greet him when he gets home feeling stressed out from work.  My Mom counts on me to be her shadow.  Always there.  Burrowed under the covers at night leaning against her.  And my brother.  He was tortured at his last house.  Zip tied to a crate and left to starve.  I’m the one he trusts.  I make his world safe.

So, if I have to walk funny and be in pain for the rest of my life, I’ll do it.  They need me.  I need them.

But Mom and Dad look heartbroken whenever they watch me struggle to move.  I can tell they feel so guilty that they can’t afford to fix me.  Hey, I understand.  It’s their first jobs. There are big student loans to repay.  We now have our own house—chosen for its dog-friendly yard btw—complete with a mortgage.

Letty Pumpkin Patch copy
Engagement Pic, family, excellent copy

Thanks to a bunch of cool people who love dogs and donate to help us, they’re gonna help get my knees back to where I can move again without pain.  It going to make all the difference.    I am so thankful.

So are my parents.  Now they won’t have to start selling their stuff.  Mom cried when she found out I’m going to get my surgery.  I heard her tell her friend she’d be lost without her kid (that’s me!).  She said I make her and Dad feel complete.  When she looks into my eyes, she forgets all that’s bad in the world and feels glad to be alive.

Thank you for making me feel good again and keeping our family whole.

--Letty.  Mom, Dad & Denver too