Gremmie's Love Story

" Your donors are cool. You helped us all. My kids are smiling because they can tell Gremmie’s feeling better. I am relieved to see he’s no longer suffering. And he’s getting back to his loveable self. From all of us, THANK YOU.”

Gremmie's Family

Gremmie's Story…

Gremmie.  A surfer who’s out of control.  OR, a crazy/ready-to-take-on-the-world kitten.  That’s my boy!  He’s a cat who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it.

I met him 14 years ago at my buddy’s house.  There were 4 kittens when I arrived.  Some people dropped by and adopted the other three while Gremmie was asleep.  He woke up and you could just see him thinking “what the heck??” 

When I got ready to go home, he was determined he was going with me.  I’m standing by the door and I feel this grabbing.  I look down and here comes this kitten.  Climbing up all 6’5” of me.  He got to my shoulder and head bonked me.  He’d made his choice.  My job was to honor it.

And honor I have.  For 14 years, he’s made the whole family’s lives better.  We can’t help but be happy when he’s around.  My kids adore him.  When they were little, they tugged on his tail and roughed him up like kids do.  He never once even hissed at them. 

He’s gotten me through two brutal back surgeries, and he still knows to distract me when I get stuck in focusing on my chronic pain.  In 1997, when I was on active duty, I fell off a tank.  Then I herniated three discs unloading heavy equipment.  It’s been tough ever since.  But Gremmie knows when I’m hurting and he doesn’t leave my side.  The most healing I get isn’t from medications.  It’s from him “making biscuits” on my belly, giving me head butts, and falling asleep against me.

It's been horrible lately to see him so miserable.  He was itching like a mad man.  And then it got really serious when he started getting sores on his skin.  The risk of infection was scary. 

I had to swallow my pride to tell my vet I couldn’t afford to help him.  Thank goodness she partners with Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund.  You guys that donate are cool.  You helped us all.  My kids are smiling because they can tell Gremmie’s feeling better.  I am relieved to see he’s no longer suffering.  And he’s getting back to his loveable self.  From all of us, THANK YOU.

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