Gabby C’s Love Story

“To all of you Ellie supporters, THANK YOU for giving us both this second chance. I truly don’t know what I would do without her.”
– Gabby’s Mom

Gabby and I do most everything together, including the chores. Last week, we were taking the trash to the curb. Partway down, I turned around to pick up something else for the bin. That’s when I heard it. A loud thump. Followed by a scream. I turned to see my beloved pup dragging herself back off the road as she tried to get to me.

Life is worth living because I have Gabby.

She needs me. She depends on me. I need her. Every bit as much. The house is not empty because she’s in it. She knows when I’m hurting and gives me kisses to get me through the pain. Let’s face it, having a dog is better than having a man. Dogs are more grateful , even for the simple things.

It’s hard sometimes being elderly. Some of my friends are gone. So is some of my mobility. My income is limited. But my desire to interact with others and to feel that I’m loved is just as strong as ever. Why wouldn’t it be?

Gabby is there every day to give me those gifts. She’s only a little over a year old so she keeps me on my toes. In the evenings, she leaps and twists as she tries to catch fireflies. Got a soft/squeaky toy? She’ll destroy it in minutes. Then there’s playing in the water. Gabby LOVES it! Going by the creek at the park becomes a giant splash fest.

So, seeing her by the road writhing in pain was just unbearable. When I got to her and touched her, she stopped screaming. I hurt so badly right along with her. I knew she was trusting me to make her OK.

But how could I? I rushed her to our wonderful vet at Twin Maples but she said what I’d feared most. Gabby had a broken pelvis and it was going to require expensive surgery to save her. I couldn’t afford that. She’d have to be euthanized so she didn’t have to keep suffering. It broke my heart to think of this 1 year old dog having to lose the rest of her life. When my vet told me Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund was going to pay for what was needed, I started crying so hard I couldn’t stop. It felt like winning the lottery! Your donors are nothing short of a blessing.

UPDATE:: Gabby did great through her surgery. She’s still at the early part of her healing so I have to be very careful about not letting her move around too much. Do you know what it’s going to be like telling a one-year-old she’s got to be quiet for the next six weeks? I can’t wait until she starts trying to run and play again though. That’s how I’ll know she’s really feeling better. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep cuddling and loving on my girl. To all of you Ellie supporters, THANK YOU for giving us both this second chance. I truly don’t know what I would do without her.