Callie H’s Love Story

“Ellie’s help means everything. I once lost a pet to not being able to afford vet care and it was devastating. So being able to have our Callie girl be a happy, healthy pup again is so great. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.”

Callie H’s Family

I can’t believe we’ve only had our 4-month-old puppy Callie for 2 months.  She became our third child the moment she arrived.  None of us can imagine life without her.  My husband recently lost his father.  When Callie got sick all I could think was, “Are we going to have to endure losing another family member”?

Growing up we had a Golden Retriever. She was an amazing part of our family for 15 years. I always wanted that special friend for my children. So when my husband surprised me and our two young children with her, Callie instantly became a big part of our family.

I don’t know how to adequately describe the endless joy Callie brings to our family. She is so gentle with both our toddler son and 4 year old daughter. There is nothing quite as sweet as seeing our toddler snuggled up with Callie.  The two of them regularly have naptime together. She will often sleep on her back with her droopy lips just flapping. She evokes squeals of delight as she tenderly romps and plays in the backyard with the children. She is the perfect best friend and companion to the kids. That goes for us human parents as well.

Since my husband lost his father,  Callie has provided amazing comfort and support.   She came into our family’s life at the perfect time. Even though Callie is a brand new puppy,  we can’t imagine life without her.

When she became sick, we became desperate for answers. Callie needed exploratory surgery to determine if she had something blocking her gut—or worse. After the recent burial expenses for my father-in-law, we needed help. I was simply sick with worry for our beloved Callie. I was also worried sick about not being able to pay to save our girl.  She was just getting started.  She had so much life yet to live.

When the vet tech told me about the wonderful people of Ellie’s, I was in tears. It meant everything to my family. To be able to have Callie grow up with our children and to always be by their side, is a true gift.