Travis & Michael Wheeler

Travis Michael Wheeler

This month we give a shout out to Travis Michael Wheeler who celebrated their wedding by donating to ERDF in lieu of giving favors at their reception.

[blockquote author=”Travis Michael” link=”” target=”_blank”]We gave to Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund wanting to highlight the special place our dogs hold in our hearts on our wedding day, especially our beloved Mona, lost too soon from illness. We know the financial challenge brought by unexpected vet bills, and love that ERDF makes those hard situations easier for families.[/blockquote]

The placards adorning each table celebrating their big day read, “Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund celebrates the love Michael Travis have for each other ! for their departed fur baby, Mona the Superdog. Their donation in lieu of table favors makes them and all of you in attendance heroes by keeping families together as you save their pets’ lives.”

Thank you, Michael Travis! May you and whatever furry companions become a part of your family have much happiness together.