Sarah, Jean & Kris

It’s been a busy month for folks who enjoyed celebrating their birthdays by raising money to keep families together by saving their pets’ lives! THANK YOU to Sarah, Jean Kris for doing Facebook Fundraisers on your birthdays. Your hearts are amazing!

Sarah Losie

I choose to do Facebook Fundraisers for Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund because it’s a simple way to help out an organization that is close to my heart. As a Registered Technician at Bigger Road Veterinary Center I have personally seen the incredible impact that ERDF has had on many families in our community. From single-parent families with unexpected pet emergencies, to senior citizens with fixed incomes needing help caring for their only companion, ERDF has kept countless families together that would otherwise be torn apart.

Jean Berry

I have 5 dogs and 5 cats of my own, as well as running a local pet care business,  My commitment to Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund comes from my own experience with an injured animal, before I knew about this option for support. Friends came together to help my bloodhound get the surgery he needed. And it meant the world to me. ERDF’s mission is like a friend to those of us who love our animals and want the best care even when our resources are limited!! I will continue to donate in support of those families who need help!!

Kris Sees

I love all my animals very much and it would break my heart if I had to put them down or surrender them because I couldn’t provide emergency care for them. I did my birthday fundraiser and I volunteer for ERDF so no one will have to make that choice.