Buster Brown's Love Story

Buster Brown is all I’ve got. It’s just him and me going through every day. Being a senior citizen on a fixed income, after all the monthly bills there isn’t much left. Still, I wanted the best for my boy. It’s amazing to me that people donate to help others they don’t even know. I’m sure thankful that you do. Thank you for keeping the love alive between Buster Brown and me.

Buster Brown's Dad

In Buster Brown's Words...

What do you think of the name Buster Brown? I like having a name with a double “B”—it makes me sound important. And to my Dad, I am!

My Dad saw an ad in the paper for me & my brothers and sisters when we were 8 weeks old. When he came to look at us, I zoomed around & ran to him & did everything I could think of so he would pick me. As you can see, it worked. I heard him tell the people who had me that I was the biggest & spunkiest & he thought I’d always be an “alpha” —whatever that means. I DO run our house. Does that count?

So home we went! It was just Dad & me. Still is. Ten years now. I do my best to take good care of him. Every morning I bark and lead him to the door so that I can take him for a walk. Everywhere we go I make sure to look extra cute so people will come over and he’ll have folks to talk to.

He also talks to me all day long. I heard him tell the neighbor that I make his day and that when he leaves he can’t wait to get back home to me. That makes me happy—and proud! He’s my favorite part of the day too.

I felt ashamed when I got so tired that I stopped being able to give him a proper greeting. He took me to that nice man in the white coat, Dr. Hapner. He pokes me with needles sometimes but he always strokes me softly and gives me great treats. Anyway, he said he needed to take those bumps off of me. He said it’s cuz they were bleeding that I got tired. And they could get infected and do bad things to me.

Now I’m back to taking Dad for walks and being fierce when he wants to play. I feel good! I’m so glad we have each other!


Buster Brown

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