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We’re celebrating our soon-to-be second anniversary with a whole new look! We invite you to poke around a bit by going on a good, old fashioned SCAVENGER HUNT! Fill out and submit the form below by finding the answers to the five questions on our website.

IMPORTANT: Please do not close the Scavenger Hunt page before submitting your answers. Your responses will not be saved. To keep the page open while searching for answers, open the website in a new browser window by clicking the button below.


Scavenger Hunt Questions

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    Scavenger Hunt Questions

    Question 1: How many love stories are portrayed on the montage?

    Question 2: What is the mission of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund?

    Question 3: What percentage of every donation will be used to help families by saving animals’ lives?

    Question 4: In their video, Roller’s Mom said “autistic children aren’t ignoring you… they’re just waiting” for _______?

    Question 5: List two signs mentioned in a Pet Health article that will alert you that a dog or cat is in pain.

    Optional: What are your favorite parts of the website & why?

    Optional: What would make this site better?