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This is a great nonprofit. All donations go straight to helping pets. Amazing organization started by a wonderful big hearted woman. After somehow contracting tetanus our dog Pappy was struggling to survive. When Ellie’s stepped in to help, Pappy was able to get all the treatment he needed and is now home and fully recovered. Ellie’s kept our family whole.

Bryan Pitstick

My vets at Bigger Rd. suggested that their clients might want to give to this organization during the Holiday Season. This speaks right to my heart. I frequently give to children in my classroom who might need help, and this is a way to help families who are facing difficult decisions with their pets. We have all been in situations where our pets have become ill, or have had a sudden emergency. They are members of our family also. No one should have to face a horrible decision because money becomes the deciding factor. I am so pleased that Bigger Rd. supports this worthy endeavor!

Debbie Seitz Foote

Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund helped me when I thought I was gonna lose my Starbucks after he got attacked. They truly saved his life. Without Ellies I wouldn't have been able to afford his extensive surgeries, even though he was still so full of fight and spirt. It's been a year now, and thanks to them, and the vet I relied on, you can't even tell that anything happened at all. This is a wonderful charity and completely selfless in their actions.

Liz Brown

This is a great nonprofit. All donations go straight to helping pets.

Kristyn Gould Sees