Sometimes the way our pets give and receive love can be different than with humans. You might think that the best way to your pup’s or kitty’s heart is through their stomach (and you’re not necessarily wrong), but a little too much love in that way is going to have them packing on the pounds quickly!  We all love our pets and want to show them every day just how much. But we get busy.  

Use this list and challenge yourself to schedule a few minutes to do one of these every day!


1. Rub Their Ears

The ears are one of the nerve centers on your pet’s body. When you stroke your pet’s ears, the sensation goes further than just the ears themselves. The intense pleasure extends deep into the animal’s body.

2. Snuggle

Dogs are pack animals so their instinct to bond with others comes naturally. And while cats tend to be more independent, they often crave human touch too. Snuggling with your pet and showing plenty of affection makes them feel loved and secure.


3. Go for Walks

Even quick walks during the day can be beneficial for your bond, and to the health of both you and your pet! Yes, some cats can don a harness and head out with you too. It just takes practice!

4. Play Fetch

Play any games, with toys or without, to engage your pet both mentally and physically!


5. Make Eye Contact

Gazing, with slow blinking is a sign to your cat of true love!

6. Lean Into Your Pet

Most people don’t realize this, but dogs often lean against people as a sign of love and trust. So leaning back can reciprocate the love.


7. Pamper Your Pet

Did you know some pets like massages just as much as humans? Or being bathed! Show your furry friend some love by relaxing with them and giving them some extra special physical attention.

8. Leave Toys

Make sure to leave your pet with toys while you’re away. For example, many dogs love food puzzles and cats enjoy motion-activated laser lights


9. Take Them Along

If you're running errands that don't require leaving your car (picking someone up, going through the drive thru), some dogs LOVE going for car rides. Bonus, taking them in the car for fun things can also ease the stress of getting in the car to go to the vet later on… win-win!

10. Talk to Them

In recent years we’ve learned that both dogs and cats can understand us and our voices better than originally thought, so talk to your pet, even if it’s in your best “whozagoodboy” animal voice!

As much as it may be an indicator of love or affection in humans, dogs and cats often don’t take to hugs the same way we do. It can make them feel trapped and as if they need to escape. So pay attention to your pet’s reaction if you go in for a hug.

Not all dogs and cats like the same things; just like humans, they each have their own love language too. So pay attention to your pet, notice what they like and dislike, what makes them wag their tails or purr louder, and challenge yourself to show them your love in a new way every day.  You’ll both be the better for it!