Here at Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund we love pets of all shapes and sizes but this month we want to give some special attention to a very important group of pets—senior pets.

While we love puppy breath and kitten cuddles, there are a lot of benefits to adopting or owning a senior pet that include:

  • They don’t generally require as much--or any--training
  • They don’t need to be constantly monitored
  • They’re calmer than younger pets
  • They generally do well with children and senior citizens
  • Their personalities are generally more apparent and it can make the adoption selection process simpler
  • They’re already well socialized and can fit into your home easier
  • They can form deep connections with you, just as a puppy or a kitten might
  • Depending on breed and lifestyle, they may need less exercise than younger pets
  • Schedule regular wellness check-ups, including labwork; vets recommend more frequent check-ups as pets age
  • Check for vision and hearing loss
  • Ensure your pet is getting a high quality diet
  • Keep your pet at his/her ideal body weight (Obesity can lead to diabetes; stress arthritic joints)
  • Consider a special diet to address health concerns
  • Learn the signs of pain for your pet
  • Take care of dental issues
  • Exercise your senior pet
  • Provide special accommodations, including orthopedic bedding or ramps
  • Utilize rubber-backed throw rugs on slippery floors
  • Give lots of love!
November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month so if you’re considering adopting a fur kid for you and your family, there’s no better time! If you’re fortunate enough to already have a senior dog or cat at home, give it some extra love and attention and appreciate the time you have left together.

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