Should Your Pets File Taxes?

Special Thanks to the amazing folks at The Muttly Crew for permission to use this article. Intro Text As the tax deadline looms, don’t forget about write-offs that could literally go to the dogs! Whether your adorable pup is on patrol or your cat exploits her gorgeous looks, you may want to read this. Although pets […]

Pet-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

Pet-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions New year, new m¦err, fur kid! You know how it goes this time of year, everyone’s starting their new year’s resolutions. Common ones include trying to get back on track with your health, trying new things, saving money, etc. But what about your four-legged family members? Have you ever thought about […]

In Search of the Perfect Pet Photo

In Search of the Perfect Pet Photo Byline Intro Text What’s better on a rainy afternoon than perusing your social media and stumbling on a few adorable pet photos? Have you ever wondered how the photographer was able to capture such a perfect shot with the animal looking directly into the lens? It’s a feat […]

Reasons Why I Should Get a Puppy

13 year old Whitney had longed for a puppy to join her family for a long time.  So this past Spring, she did something about it. She spent her Spring Break researching scientific evidence to back her claim that having a pet is beneficial to kids’ development and really to the health of everyone in […]

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name? By Dana Smith Intro Text If you’re anything like me, you take the responsibility of naming your new furry family member entirely too seriously. Last year I adopted my most recent dog, Wrigley, from a rescue in Texas. He’d been with the rescue for a couple of months and they’d given […]

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid Have you ever wondered what to do when dealing with a pet emergency? What happens when your dog, Fido, gets a cut from running in the woods with you? What should you do if your cat, Fluffy, suddenly stops breathing? All sorts of activities can lead to your furry pal getting an […]

Keep Them Smiling!

Is a dog’s mouth cleaner than a human’s? Is it normal for your pet to have bad breath? Do you know what the #1 cause of pet illness is? If you’re like most people, you’re not excited about going to the dentist. You probably figure your pet won’t be either. Maybe you think you don’t […]

Is Pet Insurance Right for You?

Is Pet Insurance Right for You? For many of us, the new year brings decisions about health care. Which plan?  Maybe even which insurance provider? Pet insurance also brings the added question of do I buy it at all. For many of us when we add a new furry family member, there come these considerations. […]

Are Your Pets Part of Your Family?

Are Your Pets Part of Your Family? For people that have grown up with pets in their homes, you know how truly special our companions can be for us. The bond between us is something unique, and while some people may poke fun at our œobsession with our pets, for many of us it enriches […]

Benefits of Having a Pet for Seniors

Benefits of Having a Pet for Seniors If you have a pet as a family member, chances are you can already articulate the benefits that a pet has brought to your life. But did you know that pets can be particularly helpful to us as we age? If you have a pet as a family […]