Love Story Montage

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  • Bear

    Thanks to ERDF donors, Bear’s quality of life has greatly improved since his arthritic joints are much less painful.

  • Chandler Bing

    ERDF supporters enabled Chandler Bing to have the lifesaving surgery that unblocked him so he could return to being his elderly Mom’s main company.

  • Chunk

    Without ERDF donors, Chunk couldn’t have gotten the double knee surgery he needed to keep him helping his Dad through PTSD and other challenges.

    Chunk's Love Story

  • Coach

    Thanks to ERDF supporters, Coach had surgery to remove several growths that were getting quite large and have them biopsied.

  • Cooper F.

    Thanks to ERDF supporters, Cooper F. was able to have another surgery, after his second knee became damaged.

  • Fuzzy

    ERDF funded the removal of abdominal tumors, keeping Fuzzy there to comfort her disabled Mom.

  • Nova

    Nova’s lifesaving abdominal surgery after she was attacked by another dog kept her with her Mom who really needs her support.

    Nova's Love Story

  • Ralph

    Thanks to ERDF supporters, the abscess on Ralph’s paw was healed so he could go back to running to greet his Mom and sister.

  • Luna

    Thanks to the folks who support ERDF, Luna had the tumor removed from her mouth that will save or extend her life.

  • Scarlet D.

    Thanks to donors of ERDF, Scarlet will have the ear surgery that will prevent a life of constant itching & pain.

  • Pepper

    Thanks to ERDF supporters, Pepper had lifesaving surgery to remove her breached pup & save the other puppy.

  • Mowgli

    Without ERDF supporters, Mowgli would have died from a urinary obstruction.

    Mowgli's Love Story