Love Story Montage

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  • Jax

    Jax was constantly vomiting and had lost a life-threatening amount of weight until donors of ERDF stepped in!

    Jax's Love Story
  • Bryan

    ERDF supporters gave Bryan back the gift of pain-free, normal movement by paying to amputate his long-damaged leg.

    Bryan's Love Story
  • Boomer

    ERDF supporters made it possible to remove and biopsy Boomer’s tumor.

    Boomer's Love Story
  • Bing Bing

    ERDF made it possible for Bing-Bing to have the lifesaving surgery to open up his obstructed bladder, so that his Mom didn’t have to face yet another loss.

    Bing Bing's Love Story
  • Bella

    Thanks to ERDF supporters, Bella had a tumor removed from her hip and was treated for collapse of her trachea, saving her life.

  • Barney

    Barney’s life depended on ERDF donors being there to provide extraction of teeth and healing of infection

    Barney's Love Story
  • Pebbles

    Thanks to ERDF donors, Pebbles had her mammary tumor removed so she could get back to supporting her special needs “sister”.

    Pebbles's Love Story
  • Mrs. Mamma

    ERDF donors got Mrs. Mamma back on the road to recovery from respiratory issues, so she could keep supporting her elderly Mom.

  • Millie

    ERDF supporters made it possible to diagnose Millie’s cancer and have her first treatment to keep her protecting her diabetic Mom when Mom’s low blood sugar alarm goes off.

    Millie's Love Story
  • Link D.

    Link D. would not have survived but for the emergency surgery to remove his intestinal obstruction.

  • Jo-Jo

    Supporters of ERDF made it possible for Jo-Jo to have the diagnostics needed so she could keep being the sole companion to her elderly Mom.

  • Gus

    ERDF donors saved Gus’ life by enabling him to have surgery to rebuild his urinary system so he’s unlikely to ever get blocked again.

    Gus's Love Story