Love Story Montage

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  • Mugsy

    Mugsy’s lifesaving surgery enabled him to keep being the emotional support dog for his autistic “sister”.

  • Lola

    Thanks to ERDF donors, Lola got the “wheels” that enable her to once again run to greet her family.

    Lola's Love Story
  • Link

    Without ERDF’s supporters, Link would have died from the blockage caused by the garden glove he swallowed.

    Link's Love Story
  • Eddie

    Eddie needs sessions in the underwater treadmill to reduce in pain so that he can continue to be the only remaining family of his disabled Mom.

    Eddie's Love Story
  • Buffy

    Without the growth removal funded by ERDF, Buffy would have left her 89 year old Mom all alone in this world.

    Buffy's Love Story
  • Brody

    Supporters of ERDF enabled Brody to have surgery on his fractured leg, saving him from a life of immobility and pain.

    Brody's Love Story
  • Bella

    Bella wouldn’t have been here to get her disabled parents through devastating losses had she not had the surgery to diagnose her tumor.

    Bella's Love Story
  • Leila

    The donors of ERDF saved 12 week old Leila’s life by funding heart surgery for a congenital defect.

  • Baby Face

    Without ERDF’s donors, Baby Face could not have had lifesaving surgery that enabled him to urinate again.

  • Peppa

    ERDF saved Peppa from zinc toxicity after he ate some pennies.

  • Hemi

    ERDF paid for surgery to unblock & remove crystals from Hemi’s bladder, thus saving his life.

    Hemi's Love Story
  • Ramon

    ERDF funded removal of Ramon’s infected teeth so he could keep giving his disabled Mom courage.