Love Story Montage

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  • Scootzy

    Her painful teeth were taken care of by our generous donors because this older dog still has people she needs to take care of.

  • Scar

    At only 1 week old, Scar had already had an injury that required care that ERDF’s supporters were happy to help provide.

    Scar's Love Story

  • Wilson

    This sweet faithful friend received help from ERDF for his urethral obstruction and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so he could continue giving cuddles.

  • Zeta

    ERDF supporters rallied around this retired K-9 when she needed surgery and rehab for her ruptured ligament.

    Zeta's Love Story
  • Mopsy

    Mopsy was saved when ERDF supporters provided an ER visit, diagnostics and treatment for her vomiting, weight loss and bloody stools.

  • Peanut

    Without the donors of ERDF, Peanut could not have had the life-saving surgery that rebuilt his urinary track so that he will never again become blocked.

  • Dutton

    Donors of ERDF saved Dutton’s life after this 9 month old pup swallowed a toy and became obstructed.

  • Indy

    Indy had the CT scan and surgery needed to remove a lymphoma and save his life.

    Indy's Love Story
  • Lil Bit

    Donors of ERDF saved Lil Bit’s life by paying for his leg to be amputated when the cancer returned.

    Lil Bit's Love Story
  • Monty

    Monty’s life was saved when donors paid for the surgery to fix his perforated bowel, so that he could keep supporting his Dad through chemotherapy.

    Monty's Love Story
  • Lupin

    Thanks to the donors of ERDF, Lupin had the life-saving surgery that removed the string blocking his intestines.

    Lupin's Love Story
  • Darla

    ERDF donors saved Darla’s life by paying for surgery to remove the ball from her intestines so she could go home to the two young girls who adore her.

    Darla's Love Story