Love Story Montage

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  • Layla

    Layla returned to supporting her grandma and young best friend after receiving ERDF funding to treat a severe bite wound.

  • Jewels

    ERDF gifted Jewels and her elderly parents more time together by funding lifesaving bladder stone surgery.

  • Henry L.

    Henry needed ERDF to fund evaluation when he came back paralyzed after a tornado ripped through his family’s home.

  • Ginger

    ERDF provided treatment for Ginger’s critical leg wound, getting him back on his feet to play with his 12 year old best friend.

  • Zetta

    ERDF funded surgery on both ears so that Zetta could continue to support her depressed, anxious dad & his mom.

  • Woody

    Woody’s leg was saved when ERDF paid for surgery to combat his rare bone disease.

    Woody's Love Story
  • Wilbur

    ERDF supported Wilbur’s CT scan to explore options for treatment of a large abdominal tumor.

  • Teddy

    Teddy was able to stay with his disabled, homeless Mom after ERDF paid for extensive mouth surgery and repair of his broken jaw.

  • Tank

    ERDF funded Tank’s leg amputation following a car crash in which his family was killed.

  • Spot A.

    Spot can now move his back legs thanks to ERDF’s funding of his acupuncture & rehab.

  • Nala

    ERDF funded testing to diagnose why Nala was having seizures so she can keep supporting her human best friend.

  • Jake S.

    ERDF supported Jake’s hospitalization & surgery after he was attacked by another dog.