Love Story Montage

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  • Pebbles

    Thanks to ERDF donors, Pebbles had her mammary tumor removed so she could get back to supporting her special needs “sister”.

    Pebbles's Love Story
  • Mrs. Mamma

    ERDF donors got Mrs. Mamma back on the road to recovery from respiratory issues, so she could keep supporting her elderly Mom.

  • Millie

    ERDF supporters made it possible to diagnose Millie’s cancer and have her first treatment to keep her protecting her diabetic Mom when Mom’s low blood sugar alarm goes off.

    Millie's Love Story
  • Link D.

    Link D. would not have survived but for the emergency surgery to remove his intestinal obstruction.

  • Jo-Jo

    Supporters of ERDF made it possible for Jo-Jo to have the diagnostics needed so she could keep being the sole companion to her elderly Mom.

  • Gus

    ERDF donors saved Gus’ life by enabling him to have surgery to rebuild his urinary system so he’s unlikely to ever get blocked again.

    Gus's Love Story
  • Daisy

    Thanks to the donors of ERDF, Daisy had her cancerous third eyelid removed.

  • Cleo

    Without the donors of ERDF, Cleo’s owner couldn’t have afforded the bladder surgery that saved his life!

  • Bobcat

    If it wasn’t for ERDF’s donors, Bobcat couldn’t have had the surgery to repair the hematoma in his ear that caused it to balloon up & cause severe pain.

  • Bella

    ERDF donors gave Bella’s Mom peace of mind by funding diagnostics after Bella lost her ability to stand & began dragging herself around the house.

  • BC

    BC would not have survived his urinary tract blockage without help from the generous donors of ERDF.

  • Cheick

    Cheick’s family was terrified when they found him stumbling and disoriented. The donors at ERDF enabled the extended hospitalization that saved his life.

    Cheick's Love Story