Love Story Montage

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  • Whinnie

    This sweet one ate something that made her very sick. Her boy is so happy to still have her by his side to be his best friend.

    Whinnie's Love Story

  • Sugar

    She was one sick girl. Her family cannot express how thankful they are to have her alive and well.

  • Smokey

    This big guy became suddenly ill. As his mom is recovering from her own health crisis, she is amazed by the love shown by the donors of ERDF.

  • Sadie D

    This cutie needed emergency treatment for a ruptured eye. She is so grateful to still be with her hu-mom who needs her every day.

    Sadie's Love Story

  • Piper

    This retired military family is whole thanks to the funds donated to take care of Piper’s health needs.


  • Lucy L.

    After breaking her leg, she is on the mend thanks to ERDF. She is the only companion to her elderly human mom.

  • Meeko

    This sweet cuddle bug was saved by the generosity of our supporters.

    Meeko's Love Story

  • Leela

    Thanks to our Faithful Friends, Leela received the lifesaving treatment for her kidney disease. She continues to circle wag her tail when she is happy.

    Leela's Love Story


  • Karama

    The help of ERDF means so much Karama’s human brother who was willing to give up his 9th birthday party to help his beloved cat when he had an obstruction.

  • Frankie

    We are so grateful that he is able to continue to bring joy and purpose to his new dad who is a 10-year navy vet honorably discharged and has issues with depression and anxiety.

  • Charlie H.

    It truly takes a village. Thanks to the ERDF community, this beauty is able to watch over her blended family of 7 kids. She is so caring her nickname is Nanny.

    Charlie's Love Story

  • Buster Brown

    As a senior living on a fixed income, Buster’s dad was only able to pay half the bill to help him with his bleeding warts and is so very grateful that our supporters helped with the rest.