Love Story Montage

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  • Prince

    ERDF enabled Prince to have diagnostics to ascertain proper treatment for life-threatening gastro issues.

  • Nikko

    Nikko’s flipped stomach would have killed him had ERDF not stepped in to fund his surgery.

  • Bo E.

    Without ERDF, Bo couldn’t have had the biopsies and skin cultures needed to get him comfortable again on his elderly Mom’s lap.

  • Diamond

    Without ERDF, Diamond would have continued to waste away due to hyperthyroidism.

    Diamond's Love Story
  • Stripes

    ERDF saved Stripes from being euthanized by funding his dental surgery and treatment for a severe infection.

  • Kyrie

    Kyrie would have died of pyometria had ERDF not paid for emergency surgery.

  • Lily J.

    ERDF funded emergency wound care after Lily was stabbed multiple times by a passerby.

  • Beauty

    Beauty’s life-saving surgery to cure her pyometra kept her with her elderly Mom who counts on her.

  • Purrsephone

    ERDF funded removal of a mass that saved Purrsephone’s life and kept her being the emotional anchor for her family.

    Purrsephone's Love Story
  • Plex

    With help from ERDF, Plex’s multiple wounds received the treatment needed to stave off infection and get him out of pain.

  • Daisy E.

    Daisy, with ERDF’s help, was able to have her bladder stones removed so she could continue to provide joy to her elderly parents.

  • Precious

    Precious’s life was saved by ERDF when during her hernia repair she reacted poorly to anesthetic, requiring prolonged hospitalization.