Love Story Montage

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  • Zeus

    ERDF paid for Zeus to be hospitalized due to Addison’s disease, thus avoiding euthanasia.

  • Luna

    ERDF enabled Luna to be treated for a suspected life-threatening obstruction so she could continue to be there for her disabled veteran Dad.

  • Lucy

    Lucy’s eye was permanently inflamed due to an eyelash grown inward. ERDF enabled this service dog to continue improving life for his wheelchair-bound Dad.

  • Fletcher

    ERDF paid for diagnostics when vomiting got to critical levels for Fletcher, saving his Dad’s “best friend.”

  • Diggory

    ERDF funded treatment for Diggory’s massive ear infections.

  • Baron

    Baron’s time in the ICU after poisoning got him back to his Dad who’s battling cancer.

    Baron's Love Story

  • Ninja

    ERDF enabled Ninja to stay in the ICU to heal her lungs following entrapment in her house that burned to the ground.

  • Fluffy

    ERDF got Fluffy through a dangerous bout of tiredness & not eating so he could continue to be his disabled Mom’s support companion.

  • Parker

    Parker’s safety was ensured when ERDF paid for diagnostics to rule out dangers of anesthesia for badly needed surgery.

  • Kooncha

    Kooncha needed ERDF’s help to get his leg amputated, thus preventing infection of this old, life-threatening wound.

  • Joey

    ERDF funded tumor removal for Joey, helping his Mom keep the last part she had of her husband.

  • Dash

    Dash’s life was saved when ERDF paid for surgery to correct his urinary blockage.

    Dash's Love Story