Love Story Montage

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  • Stripes

    ERDF saved Stripes from being euthanized by funding his dental surgery and treatment for a severe infection.

  • Buddy M.

    ERDF funded surgery to repair Buddy’s fractured hip, saving his leg so he could resume playing with his family.

  • Doc

    Doc’s life was saved when ERDF funded his surgery to repair a hernia and obstructed bowel.

    Doc's Love Story
  • Pappy

    ERDF funded a further extension of Pappy’s hospitalization, enabling him to beat the odds and survive tetanus.

    Pappy's Love Story
  • Stella S.

    ERDF paid for emergency surgery to repair Stella’s ruptured bladder.

  • Cheick

    Cheick’s family was terrified when they found him stumbling and disoriented. ERDF enabled the extended hospitalization that saved his life.

  • Luther

    ERDF saved Luther’s life by funding surgery to remove the foreign body he had swallowed.

  • Zetta

    ERDF paid for removal of polyps in Zetta’s ears, enabling him to continue to support his Dad following a devastating house fire.

  • Lucky N.

    ERDF funded Lucky’s ultrasound so that the best treatment could be determined to treat his intestinal disease.

  • Fergie J.

    ERDF saved Fergie’s life by funding removal of a 1.3 pound abdominal mass.

  • Angel W.

    ERDF provided Angel W with a much needed dental, enabling her to keep on as her retiree Mom’s sole companion.

  • Loelle

    With the help of ERDF, Loelle has gotten the acupuncture and herbs she needs to lessen her pain and keep her moving.