How It Works

Ellie's Rainy Day Fund partners with veterinarians in the Miami Valley area to help them offset the cost of providing reduced, low-cost or no-cost services to their clients who might otherwise have to surrender or euthanize their animal companions.

We recognize that our member practitioners are best qualified to determine which clients require support, so Ellie's Rainy Day Fund is administered ONLY through our partner veterinary practices.

We are pleased that so many local families have already benefited from our partnerships. Keep up with our heartwarming love stories of success, our fun events, and our vet-recommended suggestions for keeping your pet healthy & your bond strong by signing up for our monthly email newsletter.

Tell Your Vet About Us

Funds can only be distributed through our partner veterinarians. If your vet is not already a partner with Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund, please ask them to email us at for more information.

Watch How We Work


After two years of separation, Missi and her family were reunited with their beloved lost cat, Buster. He had just been hit by a car and the family was faced with unexpected vet bills. Watch Buster's video to hear his story as told by his family and vet, and to find out how Ellie's Rainy Day Fund played a part in keeping this family together.