Tony Ranieri

Solar is Freedom

What do you do in the midst of a pandemic when you hear that a kitty is going to be put to sleep because the family who adores her can’t afford her emergency surgery?

If you’re Tony Ranieri you ask “how much is needed?” and make the donation that saves her life! Tony thought about how often that happens and imagined what it would be like if it was his furry family member. And he said, "my corporation wants to help! Every month we want to help keep a family together by saving their pet’s life."

Tony has always had a passion to be a good steward of our planet. For him that means preserving our precious resources, including our relationships with other species. Those connections for him run very deep. On his very first sales call in home improvement, a tiny kitten crawled into his bag & fell asleep. Tony, not a cat person at the time, agreed to take the kitten (Tootie) if his customers made the purchase. He credits Tootie with modeling for him the perseverance to figure out what he loved and then create something from nothing to support it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to 2016, Tony founded Solar Is Freedom on the premise that every homeowner should have the opportunity to take control of their energy future. This mission has led the company to tremendous growth and expansion into Ohio and Kentucky with future growth and expansion anticipated in 2021 and beyond. By leading the way in a path to clean, sustainable solar energy, while providing every customer with an outstanding experience, Solar Is Freedom has earned recognition as the top rated Solar Installation Company in both Ohio and Kentucky.

I believe it’s vital to protect the things that improve our quality of life and give us joy. Without the beauty of nature and the creatures with whom we share it, life would be so much less satisfying. Solar Is Freedom is proud to be a corporate sponsor of Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund through the Faithful Friends program. Every month we know we are helping families in our community. Nothing is more important than family and our pets are such an integral part of each of our families. Unfortunately, sometimes our pets have unanticipated medical needs that can create a financial crisis, or worse, can put a family in the devastating position of being unable to afford the needed care required for their pet. At SIF we are thrilled to partner with ERDF and, in our own small way, to be a part of the solution for families in need during these critical times.


All of us at ERDF are thrilled to welcome Solar Is Freedom as a Corporate Partner!  As I researched the best company to install solar on my residence, SIF kept coming to the forefront. It wasn’t until after I had had an excellent experience myself with them that I learned of Tony’s love of and commitment to companion animals. I am extremely grateful both for the help in taking my home solar (helping me to save cash as I do my part for the planet) and for the opportunity to partner with such a generous corporate sponsor. Thank you Tony!