Kristin Bailey

Kristin Bailey is an instructor at Decoy Art Center and our caricature artist extraordinaire. Decoy hosted our 2018 Summer Art Paw-ty where Kristin spent all day outside in the heat doing fantastic drawings of our dogs. She donated 100% of her earnings to ERDF! After hearing our gratitude, Kristin responded...

I just adopted my little furbaby off the street in our neighborhood and know how expensive vet bills can be, so when doing the caricatures last Saturday I wanted all donations and tips to go directly to the cause! Our animals are family, and nobody should have to be without their family over a vet bill. Not to mention, I got to meet a bunch of super photogenic pups!

Amazing! And, the great news is that you can register for private painting & drawing lessons (kids & adults). If you can draw a stick figure, she can teach you to paint or draw.