Kris Sees

Kris Sees contacted ERDF three years ago when we were just getting started. She said she loved what we were doing for pets and wanted to help however she could. We officially had our first volunteer! Here are just some of the ways Kris has helped us since then.

  • She’s purchased and donated hundreds of tennis balls and toys to give out at our events.
  • She’s spent countless hours at our tent telling visitors what we do.
  • She's been covered in paint and kisses creating "Pawprints for the Cause."
  • She's given us a new furry face—our mascot ERF.
  • She even crocheted an afghan to help raise money to save more pets. 

We thanked Kris for her amazing help and dedication recently, and her response was:

I volunteer because of my obvious love for animals and a chance to make a difference. As Winston Churchill said, ‘You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.'


Well Kris, we're thankful to be a part of the life you're making, and for all the animals lives you're saving as you do!