Kevin Lively

In 2018, Kevin Lively’s family came home to find their beloved Beauceron, Cheick, disoriented and unresponsive. They were shocked to discover he had a rare calcium deficiency disorder that would have killed him, if not for the generosity of ERDF donors who made it possible for him to remain in the ICU until he was stabilized.

Now Kevin is matching that generosity by doing the David Goggin 4x4x48 Fitness Challenge with a goal to raise $750 for the next family that needs emergency veterinary treatment.

Kevin said:

I want to take on this personal challenge for myself and to benefit other pet-loving families in our community. I know the desperation of not being able to afford the emergency care your furry family member needs to survive. Though Cheick is no longer with us, doing this challenge for Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund keeps his memory alive through all the families that are yet to be helped.

Kevin, you are amazing! You have such a big heart to want to Pay It Forward! Thank you, for putting yourself to the test as a way to help keep other families together by saving their fur kids’ lives.