Camilla Ferguson

We offer our gratitude to two amazing individuals. The first we don’t even know. But we want to say a huge thank you to the anonymous donor who gave ERDF $15,000 through the Charity Navigator website. Your generosity has resulted in keeping eight families together by saving their pets’ lives!

Another big shout out goes to Camilla Ferguson. She is a master of support on our Facebook page. She never misses a post, and by “loving, commenting, and sharing”, she signals Facebook that our posts are valuable, which in turn gets them included on many more people’s news feeds. I used to think that if I followed or friended someone, that I would see all their posts. Camilla taught me that that isn’t true and showed me how to express value for the groups and people who mean the most to me, so that I wouldn’t miss their posts and neither would other interested folks. She gives that extra time to look for what we’ve put out and to respond to it. When asked why she does it, she said,

I can’t say enough about Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund and what a blessing all of the donors are to saving an important part of many families. We had our last cat for 15 1/2 years and I still tear up thinking about when we lost her. I now have a grand-dog and 2 grand-cats that my grandchildren love a lot! I enjoy all the stories and posts on the ERDF page: some touching stories, some just for fun. I try to be supportive by sometimes sharing the posts, sometimes sending posts for ERDF to share. Besides donations, I am supportive with my actions on the Page. I choose something other than just “Liking” a post because that has minimal, if any, impact on boosting posts. I may” love” or “laugh” at a post because those are stronger, but the most strength in the ways FB figures out what posts people like comes from actual comments. So any comment on a post is another way I can support ERDF and help get the word out about this great Non-profit group and the mission of helping families save their loved furry family members. That way the post, and the group, will be seen by more and more!

Thank you, Camilla, for helping us spread the message! We hope you’re enjoying your generous volunteering as our Number One Facebook Fan!