Alan & Tammy Collins

This month we’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Alan & Tammy Collins for their faithful financial support. They were one of our first monthly donors, making it possible for us to KNOW we can count on having the funds available to help save the lives of companion animals like Lily.

When asked why they feel it’s important to make these donations, Alan & Tammy said,

Because no pet should suffer or die for an inability to pay for treatment.

We so agree! Thank you Alan & Tammy for making it possible for kids to keep their fur buddies in their lives. Because of you, adults have a means to provide the care they so desperately want to give. The two-hundred-plus families who have benefited, thanks in part to your generous support, are extremely grateful. We are honored to partner with you to keep families together by saving their pets’ lives.

Would you consider joining Alan & Tammy as a recurring contributor? Even a small monthly contribution will really add up! Click here to become one of Ellie’s Angels and know that you are making a difference to a family and their furry member right here in our community.