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Help get desperate families the lifesaving emergency and specialty veterinary care their furbabies need. Partner with us to raise $10,000 and start 10 new monthly donors.

Donations up to $10,000 will be matched from Nov. 27-30, so your generosity will save twice as many lives!

$10,000 can provide about 20 lifesaving emergency/specialty veterinary consultations with basic diagnostics!

100% of your gift will fund emergency and specialty veterinary care needed to keep families like these together by saving the lives of their pets.

It’s amazing to us that so many people care about us and other dog families and give money to Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund to keep sad things from happening. Marlin has made such an impact on our lives, and now so have you. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without him. Thank you for keeping us from having to find out.

Marlin's Mom

Luke is no longer in pain. He will likely be able to move normally and resume his kitten antics once he heals. That’s all thanks to generous people we don’t even know who use Ellie’s Fund as a way to help other families who love pets like they do. I’ve lived with pets since I was 5 years old. I can’t imagine life without them. Now, they are our kids. Through this troubling time in my life, by helping my fur baby, you are keeping me from being lonely. You are giving me a big dose of hope. Thank you. You are a Godsend.

Luke's Mom