Facebook Fundraisers

Would you like a way to honor or memorialize a pet or person’s life by saving lives?
Are you looking for a way to ask for meaningful gifts for your birthday or other occasion?
Have you ever wished you could do more to give back to pets?

Want to Give it a Try?

  • Simply go to our Facebook Page 
  • Directly under our cover photo, hit “Create Fundraiser
  • Choose your goal amount to be raised & the date when the fundraiser will end.
  • Click at the top of the box about why you’re raising money and add why you personally chose us. (See some examples below.) You may also want to leave what Facebook has generated following your words as a way to explain who we are.

Our goal is simply to help more families provide the medical care to their beloved fur kids that they desperately want to give! Will you give it a try? Your doing so could save a pet’s life!

"Why You Are Raising Money" Examples


Kristina said:

“In honor of the 2nd anniversary of Gandhi's death, I have chosen to raise money in his honor for Ellie's Rainy Day Fund. This organization provides resources, referrals, support, and financial help for owners whose pets desperately need medical care but they cannot afford it.”


Bryan and Lindsay said:

“Ellie's is the reason we have our beloved dog Pappy back home with us!”


Juli said:

“The unconditional love of my fur kids has gotten me through recovery from brain surgery, kept my sanity during graduate school and makes me look forward to coming home no matter what my day has been like. I’d love it if you’d help me celebrate my birthday by giving that gift to others who feel the same about their fur family members who are ill & need emergency or specialty veterinary care.”