Go the Distance to Keep Families Together by Saving Pets' Lives!

Have you ever heard of the David Goggins 4 X 4 X 48 Fitness Challenge? The goal is to run or walk 4 MILES every 4 HOURS for 48 HOURS straight! Yep, day and night. Starting NOW through March 7th, WE CHALLENGE YOU to make this winter fun! Which option will you choose to go the distance for sick pets and the families who love them?


In Memory of Cheick

"I was desperate when I couldn't afford the emergency medical care Cheick needed to survive. Ellie's Rainy Day Fund came to the rescue and gave us more time together. Although Cheick is no longer with us, I will be doing this challenge with my dogs Jordie and Sirius. My goal is to raise at least $750 for Ellie's Rainy Day Fund to keep Cheick's memory alive through the families that have yet to be helped.”

Kevin Lively


Donate $48 (or amount of your choice) and choose from the options below.

  • Do 4 physical activities with your pet by March 7—run, walk, throw a frisbee, chase a laser toy—get creative! Post your photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram, then tag us @Elliesrainydayfund. Send us your photos/videos and we'll enter you to win a Pet Smart Gift Card.
  • Run or walk 4 miles (16? 48?) with or without your dog. Send us your mileage total by March 8th! We'll post it and enter you to win a PetSmart Gift card. We'd love it if you'd send us your photos and videos too!
  • Share/Invite 4 friends to join the challenge.
  • Donation only. Giving money to this great cause is plenty of fun for me!

Thank you, Kevin for generously putting yourself to the test as a way to help other families to be able to get the emergency veterinary care their fur kids need.


Help keep families together by saving pets' lives.