Thank you for being a part of

Dogs on the Catwalk!

Whether you sponsored the event, bought tickets, purchased raffle tickets, modeled, volunteered or just sent us well wishes - it is because of you that the afternoon was filled with love for our beloved pets. 

If you had the pleasure of being there, please help me decide which dog was the most adorable!! The costumes were all outstanding and the dogs were perfectly behaved as they showed off. 

I was close to tears throughout the event. I found myself so touched to spend the time with you, celebrating the incredible connection we have with our family members with fur. I was overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness, and your commitment to protecting those bonds for families desperate to afford care.

One of the guests said to me,

This was fabulous! Good food, great speaker, fun raffles and such touching stories. One right after the other. I loved how cute the dogs were but even more I loved knowing I was part of why they were still here.

I hope you can feel my gratitude for your support! There’s nothing harder than facing the medical emergency of a loved one. You’ve saved dogs and cats lives. You’ve literally kept families together.

THANK YOU from every cat and dog and their human families who have been helped by our generous supporters like yourself. I am sure that they wish they could thank you in person. 

With heartfelt gratitude, 

Juli, Executive Director